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Barcode Tracking Monitors City Recycling

Barcoded recycRecycleling bins monitor how often residents recycle.
The city of Lake Worth, Florida is conducting a one year pilot test of a computerized tracking system that will monitor when and how often residents are recycling. The system is designed to encourage consistent recycling which in turn will save the city money by reducing the weight of garbage sent to the county landfill.

Barcodes have been added to resident’s green-and-yellow recycling containers for 9,000 single-family homes and duplexes in the city. Apartments, condos and commercial buildings are not currently part of the test. Two of the city’s garbage trucks have been fitted with barcode readers that take note every time a recycling container is tilted up to be emptied. Each barcode is linked to an address and records the date, time, and location of what is being recycled. In addition, a small monitoring camera allows drivers to make sure the material placed in the recycling container is actually recyclable. The system then tracks how many times each residence has recycled. As an incentive, the city plans to eventually offer residents a rebate for their efforts. Although currently, the official rebate plans have yet to be determined.

9190-resized-600What do you think about barcoding recycling bins? Would you recycle more if offered a rebate or incentive from your local government?

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