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Boost Productivity in the Warehouse with the New TC8000 Touch Computer

TC8000 Warehouse Hands FreeTime is valuable.  Don’t waste time using the wrong mobile computer in your warehouse.  There are many mobile computers to choose from, make sure you choose one that will boost your warehouse staff’s productivity.  Zebra’s new TC8000 is a touch computer that is different than any warehouse device you’ve seen before.  The TC8000 was built to increase worker productivity by 14%.  Here’s how:

  • Ergonomic body – it’s 33% lighter than the tradition mobile or touch computer, which will reduce muscle fatigue among workers.
  • Revolutionary screen – the screen is larger than other mobile and touch computers.  It is also angled to face the user which eliminates the need for the user to tilt the device to verify every scan.
  • Virtual keyboard – the all-touch keyboard allows users to type 40% faster with 60% fewer errors compared to traditional push-button keyboards.
  • Hot swap battery – change to a charged battery quickly and seamlessly without powering down the device.  This means no off days and no off minutes.
  • TC8000 Handheld ScanningVersatile, multi-modal design – scan quickly and effectively in any situation.  It allows for wearable or mounted scanning, voice directed picking, and push-to-talk communications with workforce connect.
  • Works with other devices – it can connect with every strand of your existing mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution.

Watch a short video to see the TC8000 in action!

TC8000 – The Next Big Thing in Warehouse Mobility

TC8000 Warehouse ScanningThe TC8000 is ground-breaking.  On average, it increases productivity by 14% per worker versus the traditional form factors.  That’s like gaining an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day.  Imagine what your workers could do with an extra hour each day!

The TC8000 is warehouse-ready.  The super-rugged design is ready for the challenging warehouse environment.  It has one of the most extreme impact ratings – it can survive 2,000 consecutive hits when tumbling and multiple 8 foot drops to concrete.  The new scan angle eliminates the constant tilting that traditional designs require to view the screen, increasing productivity by 14% through a 55% reduction in wrist motion and a 15% reduction in muscle effort.  The TC8000 will help you gain an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day.

Watch a video: TC8000 in the Warehouse

Learn more about the TC8000 and download the datasheet.

TC8000 Touch Computer for Warehouse

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