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Change it up: Motorola MC3100 Keypad Options

MC3100 Mobile Computer Series
includes a number of great features. It offers increased memory, compatibility with other mobile computers and devices, support for Microsoft Windows, and is very customizable to provide your business with the latest technology.
One More Feature
One additional feature that makes the MC3100 Series unique is the option to change keypads. Motorola MAX keypads can be changed or swapped out to best suit your business’ needs. If a keypad is damaged, it can be repaired or replaced with the mobile computer still in commission.

There are many types of keypads in existence, and different keypads work better for different work environments. If your business performs a large range of tasks, maybe you need all three.
MC3100 comes with the following options:

  • 38-key shifted alpha
  • 48-key alpha numeric
  • 28-key numeric
3100 keypad

Contact us for more information about the MC3100 and its different keypad options.