Honeywell Healthcare: Intuitive Hardware Behind Excellent Care

Honeywell’s host of innovative products are designed to help healthcare professionals collect and track patient information. Additionally, their products have been shown to reduce medical errors, improve staff productivity, and reduce costs. Honeywell’s products are designed with the healthcare environment in mind with disinfectant-ready housings and proven durability. As a result, your facility can ensure patient well-being, worker safety, and collect accurate, secure data with a product that is built to last and deliver on ROI.

RMS Omega is well-experienced in implementing both barcode and RFID solutions that promote efficient operations in the healthcare field. Furthermore, our platinum level partnership with Honeywell means we are certified experts on their products and how to leverage them for the best results in your application.

Products That Excel in Your Applications

Honeywell is an industry leader in designing enterprise mobile products that are designed to last in demanding healthcare applications. The superior scan engines of barcode scanners and mobile computers are perfect for reading hard-to-read barcodes found on blood and IV bags as well as medications. As a result, Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners, and printers can fit into a variety of applications including:

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Working with a Honeywell Healthcare Partner

RMS Omega goes beyond selling a piece of hardware. Our goal is to evaluate all the pieces of your application and work with our partners like Honeywell to ensure your workflow is as efficient as possible. We combine years of experience working with healthcare organizations and our relationships with industry-leading manufacturers to help you promote better patient care.

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  • Honeywell Healthcare Scanner

    Healthcare Scanners

    Honeywell Scanning & Mobility handheld barcode scanners for healthcare provide intuitive scanning of barcodes found in hospitals and other healthcare environments, driving increased accuracy for users.

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  • Mobile Computers for Healthcare

    Honeywell’s handheld mobile devices for healthcare are intended to aid professionals in reducing medical errors and improving productivity which will ultimately reduce costs. They are made with disinfectant-ready housings that are designed to allow healthcare professionals to execute the ‘5 rights’ of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

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  • Enterprise Sleds for Apple Devices

    Honeywell’s Captuvo series enterprise sleds transform Apple® devices into powerful enterprise solutions. Each model offers aggressive scan performance using Adaptus™ Imaging Technology, an encryption-ready magnetic stripe reader (MSR), and an additional layer of protection, which increases productivity, facilitates secure payment processing and maximizes end-user uptime.  Captuvo sleds are made with disinfectant-ready plastic and a sealed screen protector, making them perfect for healthcare.

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  • Honeywell Healthcare Solutions

    Mobile Printing

    Honeywell mobile printers deliver high-speed performance whenever and wherever you need it.  The wide selection of energy-efficient mobile printers are designed to withstand punishing field conditions where dirt, moisture, extreme temperature, and physical shock are common.

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  • Wristband Printing

    With safety and quality of care depending on accurate patient identification, wristband system components must work together flawlessly. Honeywell printers and media are optimized to deliver superior performance when used together. Rigorous testing and co-engineering ensures consistently high print quality, proven performance in healthcare environments, and maximum print head service life for reduced downtime.

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  • Label Printers

    Honeywell’s user-friendly label printers are smart, strong, and secure, and are designed to help healthcare professionals collect and track patient information, reduce medical errors, improve staff productivity and reduce costs.  Increase accuracy, productivity, and efficiency with Honeywell label printers.

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  • RFID Readers

    Honeywell supports the latest EPCglobal and ISO passive UHF air-interface protocols and is certified for use in countries across the globe. With an easy-to-use Basic Reader Interface (BRI), customers and partners can easily integrate with, or deploy and manage readers on, common network infrastructures. In addition, Honeywell supports the EPCglobal Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) standard for seamless integration with business solutions such as IBM® WebSphere® RFID and Microsoft® BizTalk® RFID.

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  • Intermec RFID Printers

    RFID Printers

    With Honeywell’s RFID printers at the center of your RFID application, you can simultaneously print, encode and verify RFID labels with confidence and ease. The printers easily integrate into industrial manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics applications, ensuring all items are labeled and tracked via RFID for quick and accurate data collection.

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