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Manage Food Service Operations within the Hospital

Managing single and multiple site food service and nutrition operations in healthcare organizations.

RMS Omega works with preferred software developers to provide integrated software applications through out the hospital. Contact one of our specialists to discuss your operational needs today . 

Use software applications in the hospital for food service management, hospital cafeteria operations, diet office and hospital patient menus, hospital room service and tray tracking, paperless menus, mobile menus, clinical nutritional care, food allergy checking, automated menu checking, food-drug interaction prevention, nutrition screening and assessment, and much more.

Hospital Tray Tracking

Using real-time wireless technologies, you are able to monitor all room service processes from start to finish. With the Vision Software Tray Tracking System and your own mobile hardware, you can track the tray from the time the order is made and the ticket is printed, to the time it leaves the kitchen, when the food reaches the patient, and when it goes back to the kitchen for cleanup. Additionally, service personnel can electronically verify the order by scanning the patient ID bracelet to match the tray ticket.

This system dashboard provides an easy-to-read, comprehensive display of patient status and service activity—including location of the tray, ETA for delivery, time delays, and alerts. Customizable management reports  are available for statistical and performance analysis, all with the goal in mind to improve patient satisfaction and service efficiency.

Learn more about Vision Software below for details on  integrated food service software applications.

Vision Software is your exclusive source for flexible, integrated food service and diet office information systems designed to bring you results from technology under your choice of platforms—Web-based (Vision Software Online) or MS Windows.

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