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Datamax-O’Neil RFID Printers & Encoders in Healthcare

Datamax-O’Neil R Series – Smart Label Printing

RFID printer/encoders from Datamax-O’Neil offer a broad range of UPC UHF Gen 2 and HF RFID printer solutions to support the diverse demands of today’s constantly advancing RFID implementations.  Datamax-O’Neil smart label printers will provide users with high quality and reliable performance in healthcare environments.

The RFID printers are available in a variety of models that provide users with the ability to select the most appropriate printer for their unique requirement – whether its small and compact or industrial, all the way to a high performance print engine. You can feel comfortable knowing that whatever you choose, it comes from a company recognized within the industry for its best of breed products.

All Datamax-O’Neil R-Series UHF and HF RFID printers feature the benefits and modularity inherent in all the manufacturer’s printer designs while supporting a wide range of configurations.

  • All R-Series meet global frequency requirements for compliancy
  • Offer high performance and reliability
  • Support of many size labels, inlays and configurations
  • Industry’s fastest auto-calibration to obtain optimum performance
  • Value to users in many applications including product tracking, supply chain, and healthcare

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R-Series UHF and HF RFID Printers

As with all Datamax-O’Neil printers, R-Series UHF and HF RFID printers feature the benefits and modularity inherent in our printer designs and support a wide range of configurations while meeting global frequency requirements. The built -in RFID programming capabilities gives users the flexibility to secure IC data and set error handling levels. The integrated auto calibration feature ensures optimum performance and power levels.

Download an Overview: Learn more about Datamax-O’Neil R-Series RFID Printers.

  • Datamax M Class RFID Printer

    M-Class Mark II Printers

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    When price and dependable performance are important, the M-Class printer series generates affordable HF and UHF RFID compliance labels to support most industry requirements.

    • Cost effective small foot print printer
    • 4” wide
    • 203 or 300 dpi
    • UHF or HF
  • H-Class RFID Printer by Datatmax

    H-Class Printers

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    The H-Class is a family of heavy duty, RFID printers that are ideal for the high performance demands of manufacturing and distribution. The H-Class offers a full array of printer sizes, supports UHF and HF frequencies and generates high quality printing up to 600dpi.

    • Industrial, high performance printer
    • 4” and 6” wide
    • 203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
    • UHF or HF