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Health IT Software Applications

Software applications designed to provide your health system with more efficient and accurate data.

Learn more about software applications designed to provide your health system with more efficient and accurate data.  Including barcode data collection, inventory and asset tracking, mobile specimen collection, facilities maintenance, food tracking and more. Let RMS Omega help you drive down costs, increase accuracy and efficiency by implementing the right solution for your facility.

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  • Voice Communication

    Provide wireless communication to clinicians, doctors and hospital staff.

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  • Telnet Emulation

    Use terminal emulation software to access, manage, and maintain connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types that include 5250, 3270, VT, and HP emulation.

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  • Phlebotomy Software

    Eliminate specimen labeling errors and improve laboratory operations with mobile phlebotomy software.

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  • Mobile Device Management

    Track and monitor your fleet of mobile devices.

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  • Label Design & Printing

    Design hospital labels and tags to meet your specifications.

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  • Inventory & Asset Management

    Automate and track your inventory and valuable assets in the hospital. Use inventory and asset management software to reduce costs, while increasing the quality of patient care.

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  • Hospital Food Service Management

    Software applications for food service management, hospital cafeteria operations, diet office and hospital patient menus, hospital room service and tray tracking, paperless menus, mobile menus, clinical nutritional care, food allergy checking, automated menu checking, food-drug interaction prevention, nutrition screening and assessment, and much more.

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  • Facility Maintenance

    Track and maintain hospital equipment throughout each facility.

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