RMS Collaborative Suite – Hospital Communication Solution

Reliable Staff Communication Solution

Clinical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Minimize clinical errors with a solution that allows data to be shared securely, staff to communicate with each other, and more! RMS Collaborative Suite allows hospital staff to communicate via secure texting, 3-way calling, video calls.

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The CS4070HC: Improving Patient Safety

Put Patient Safety in the Palm of Their Hands

The CS4070HC has the ability to scan at the point of care which is proven to dramatically reduce errors and improve patient safety. This lightweight, compact unit can fit in your pocket or worn around your neck on a lanyard.

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Use Labeling Solutions to Eliminate Errors in the Hospital

One Label Can Go a Long Way

There’s too much room for error when manually labeling patient specimens. Labeling and computing at the bedside will help eliminate errors. The combination of data collection and mobility creates a positive identification solution that is virtually error free.

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Workforce Connect & Enterprise Devices

Ensure Secure Communication with Sensitive Data

Using enterprise devices with Workforce Connect allows IT to easily manage devices. Workforce Connect allows for secure communication between devices, which makes it the ideal way to communicate when dealing with sensitive data. Make calls, send emails and text messages, and collect data all over a WiFi connection.

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RestEasy RFID

Improve Patient Outcomes

Let newborns in the NICU sleep without disturbance. Learn how NICU nurses can now collect information without having to unswaddle the newborn to look for a wristband!

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RFID Solution for the NICU

RFID in the NICU

RMS Omega’s RFID solution for the NICU allows the nurse to apply an ankle band to the newborn and read the ankle band without disturbing the newborn. This will improve the overall outcome of the patients.

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RMS Omega Professional Services Overview

RMS Omega Professional Services

RMS Omega offers professional services including wireless services, printer configuration, on-site printer repair, label design, and label pre-printing.  We provide the total solution – your one point of contact for all your needs.

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Honeywell Barcode Scanners & Mobile Devices Designed for Healthcare

Don’t Let Data Collection Be a Challenge

Innovative healthcare solutions by Honeywell help hospitals solve their toughest data collection challenges in all sections of the hospital including admissions, point of care, specimen collection, pharmacy, materials management, and more!  Barcode scanners and mobile devices designed for healthcare are built with disinfectant-ready housings which allow healthcare professionals to execute the ‘5 rights’ of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

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The Benefits of an On Site Survey for your Wireless System

How a Wireless Site Survey Can Improve Your Wireless Connection

When setting up a wireless system, it’s important to consider several factors that may impact your network’s coverage such as walls, poles, temperature or metals. A wireless site survey will identify the factors in your work environment that could have an effect on continuous wireless coverage.

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Mobile Device and Barcode Scanning Pre-configuration Services

Use Your Devices Right Out of the Box

Device pre-configuration services allow you and your users to have the best possible out of the box experience. It gives you a device that is already set up for your needs and can be taken out of the box and put to use immediately.

Pre-configuration also allows RMS Omega to check your order for dead on arrival (DOA) units. We test the scan engines, radios, touch screens, and keyboards, in addition to updating the units to the latest firmware and charging the batteries.

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