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View a Live Demo of RestEasy RFID™ at the NANN 32nd Annual Educational Conference in Booth 522!

RestEasy RFIDRMS Omega is attending NANN’s 32nd annual educational conference in Palm Springs this fall.  This is our first year attending and we’re very excited to share our exclusive, patent-pending RestEasy RFID™ technology for patient identification in the NICU!

Watch a short video: 

RestEasy RFID™ in Booth 522

rfid infant id in the nicu - nann annual conferenceRMS Omega’s exclusive RFID solution is designed for use in the NICU.  Since RFID doesn’t require a line of sight to scan a wrist or ankle band, the RestEasy RFID™ allows nurses to collect patient data without disruption. This means that when a nurse needs to scan an infant’s ankle band there is no need to adjust, move or unswaddle the baby. They can quickly and safely identify the patient, even through an isolette, allowing a sleeping child to rest more peacefully and focus their strength on growing and healing. Studies have shown that the more an infant can rest in the NICU, the quicker they can recover.

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RestEasy RFID™ Solution Components

RestEasy RFID™ has three main hardware components: A UHF RFID reader, RFID wristbands or ankle bands, and an RFID printer. The UHF RFID reader can quickly and easily scan barcodes in addition to RFID tags. The reader can scan from 18 inches away through blankets and clothing, and also reads through an isolette. Readers are available in Bluetooth®, cordless or corded models to suit your hospital’s specific need.

RMS Omega 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

Thermal RFID ankle bands are coated and specifically engineered for contact with human skin. They’re also available in infant sizing. So, no irritation to the infant due to uncomfortable ankle bands!

soft infant wristband

RFID printers will easily encode and print UHF RFID wristbands and ankle bands for patients of all sizes.

ZD500R RFID Printer by Zebra

Can’t wait for the show? Contact us for more information about RestEasy RFID™.

NANN Annual Conference

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) is committed to developing and delivering tools for the NICU and connections for nurses.  For the last 31 years, NANN holds an educational event to celebrate nurses who specialize in neonatal care.  The event also educates nurses on best practices and helps them grow their professional networks.

NANN’s 32nd annual conference is Wednesday, October 26 – Saturday, October 29 at the Renaissance Palm Springs and Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California.  RMS Omega is exhibiting in booth 522, so don’t forget to stop by!