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Mobile Device Management Solutions

If your employees are using more and more mobile devices, you are probably ready to have a discussion about the best way to secure, monitor and manage all the hardware and applications. Whether you are trying to deal with the current situation or plan strategically for an expansion, it is a good time to look at your particular needs and find the right solution.

What are Your Challenges in Managing Mobile Devices?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) has become a complicated job. You want the benefits of mobile computers with access to centralized databases but you are concerned about how the devices are configured and used. Even if your business has its own IT department, it can be a daunting task to manage all the mobile devices used throughout operations.

Do your challenges include the following?

  • A diversity of hardware, platforms and operating systems have been installed over time
  • Difficulty accommodating and enforcing a BYOD policy that allows employees to access company data on their personal smartphones, notebooks or tablets
  • Inadequate security of corporate resources when workers need access to central databases
  • Delays in deploying fully functioning new devices
  • Inability to track all the devices in real time, where they are and who is using them for what
  • Inadequate messaging formats and protocol

Such challenges are made worse when you are trying to adjust business processes or increase the volume of existing operations. You want to make sure you do not fix one problem only to cause another. The best solution is an integrated system for all your hardware and software.

Features of MDM Solutions

Fortunately for you, there are MDM software packages that allow you to be completely in charge of how the mobile devices are used in your business and how they communicate. Some of the features you will want to consider are:

  • Ability to incorporate a diversity of hardware from various vendors, platforms and operating systems on one console for complete visibility
  • Ability to accommodate company owned and employee owned devices in the same system
  • Security features with settings and protocol such as digital certificates, authenticated passwords and any other function needed to comply with relevant industry regulations
  • Scheduled updates so latest application and security updates are deployed automatically to designated devices
  • Continuous scan for rogue apps or malware on individual devices
  • Customized message templates for efficient communication with devices such as commands to clear passwords, set the roaming function, lock a device or perform a device or system wipe
  • User or administrator enrollment with profile requirements for immediate deployment
  • Capacity for easy access to scheduled or on-demand reports on provisioning history and device statistics

Making an MDM Decision

Let the RMS Omega team provide full service support by working with you to:

  • Review your current operations and the location and use of each mobile device
  • Identify the features needed for an MDM solution
  • Review the pros and cons of available options
  • Make a decision to install a solution
  • Negotiate a service agreement that includes implementation, training and ongoing support

Contact our RMS Omega MDM specialists to start the discussion.

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