When Your Facility Needs More Than a Thermometer, You Need More Than An Online Reseller

EntryTracs by RMS Omega adds features to your SmartPass device, providing a complete temperature screening solution.

Daily Pass Printing, Health Questionnaires, Text Notifications & More with EntryTracs

EntryTracs is a proprietary Android application developed and distributed by RMS Omega that provides additional features for the SmartPass temperature screening and facial recognition kiosk. When working with us you get access to the following features:

  • Daily Compliance Pass Printing
  • Pre-Screening Agreements / Health Questionnaires
  • Email and Text Notifications 
  • Relay Triggers & AlarmsEntryTracs Label Printing For temperature screening visitor pass

EntryTracs Datasheet

Learn more about using EntryTracs for temperature screening

On top of that, we offer continued support and software updates after your purchase. After all, your investment in a safer workplace deserves a partner that will stand by you to make sure your screening process is successful.

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SmartPass Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition Solution

RMS Omega’s SmartPass Temperature Detection Display Solution utilizes Android-based tablets, advanced thermal detection sensors, and facial recognition cameras to read body temperatures and quickly identify staff. Combined with our intuitive SmartPass software, businesses can directly identify potential personnel safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure.

SmartPass Spec Sheet

Contact our team to learn more about the following technology solutions that assist with secure identification and personnel management for hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes:

  • Non-Contact Temperature Screening Kiosks
  • Fast, Secure Access to Temperature Logs & Data
  • Secure Enterprise Device Management & SupportSmartPass Temperature Detection Display
  • Proximity Tracing & Reporting 
  • ID Card Access Solutions

SmartPass Features & Benefits

  • Instantly identify staff and visitors as they enter your facility through facial recognition
  • Identify if each person is wearing a mask or facial covering
  • Provide instant, no-touch body temperature scans for every person to permit entry and identify possible symptoms of illness
  • Program an optional alarm or notification on the device when a person with an elevated body temperature attempts to enter
  • Securely track and monitor data for every entry
  • Provide peace of mind for your staff and customers
  • Provide accountability and insight for business operations

Features & Benefits Spec Sheet

SmartPass Temperature Detection Display Models

The SmartPass Device for temperature screening and facial recognition is available in three standard models. However, we can customize stand and base options based on specific needs. We also recommend incorporating hand sanitizing and personal disinfectant protocols at each station. You can also add a hand sanitizer dispenser directly to the podium unit or mount next to a wall unit at each entryway.

  • Wall Mount (Base Unit)
  • Table Stand
  • Podium Kiosk Model

Download a Spec Sheet

Watch a short demonstration below:

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Advanced Device Management, Professional Services & Support

To assist your organization in reaching new levels of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy you need a true partner – not just a vendor.

RMS Omega provides a broad range of professional services to offer our customers a complete technology solution. We want to make sure you fully understand how to use your hardware, software, and technology systems and get the most out of your investment.

Visit our SmartPass Support Resources Page for Support Services. 

Mobile Device Management Software

We Keep Your Tech Up & Running with SOTI’s Enterprise Mobility & IoT Management Solutions

RMS Omega proudly partners with SOTI to provide both seamless and effective mobility management solutions. Expand your device management capabilities beyond the out of the box features available with our SmartPass software to effectively manage and support your technology investments.

With an enhanced warranty and support package, RMS Omega offers premier device management and support, including SOTI MobiControl & SOTI Assist with Enterprise, round-the-clock level, support. (NOTE: SOTI Enterprise Support is offered to customers with deployments of more than 500 licenses.)

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Keep Your Team Safe with Innovative Technology Solutions

Get started with safe temperature screenings, employee identification and access control, advanced device management, proximity tracing, and tracking capabilities.
  • SmartPass Dynamic Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Devices

    Designed to provide instant temperature verification of anyone entering a facility with no contact scanning and precise accuracy within a half of degree.

    Facial recognition provides personnel identification, supporting the detection, and tracking of multiple people simultaneously.

    Use a tabletop stand in lobby entryways and reception areas or a wall-mounted unit at specific access checkpoints. Incorporate hand sanitizing and personal disinfectant checkpoints next to each tabletop display to promote good hygiene and workplace safety.

    Available in three standard models:

    • Wall Mount (Base Unit)
    • Table Stand
    • Podium Kiosk
    Watch a Video
  • SmartPass Software Console

    RMS Omega’s SmartPass Software is available with every temperature screening device at no additional cost. 

    Data Tracking for Personnel & Visitors

    The SmartPass Console that comes with RMS Omega’s Temperature Detection Display System provides an overview of the number of devices and online status and statistics on face scans, daily passes, and real-time monitoring.

    • Total number of face scans
    • Employees scanned
    • Visitors scanned
    • Strangers scanned

    Quick access to data and real-time monitoring.

    • Employees
    • Visitors
    • Those who have been restricted
    • Body temperature reads
    • Mask detection

    Click here to view an enlarged screenshot. Please contact us for a demonstration.

  • Daily Pass Printing, Pre-Screening Questionnaires & More with EntryTracs

    Download the Datasheet

    Enhance your SmartPass System with EntryTracs Label Printing Functionality.

    EntryTracs runs as a background service on the SmartPass device without connection to your server or WiFi. With EntryTracs you get access to features that provide additional verification and ensure facility safety.

    • Daily Pass Printing
    • Health Questionnaires
    • Text Notifications
    • Triggers & Alarms
    • Custom Audio Prompts
  • Proximity Tracking Solutions

    Monitor and manage contact tracing utilizing RTLS, your existing WiFi, and Bluetooth tracking technology to help employees reduce their risk of exposure and provide accountability in the workplace. Utilize your current mobile devices to send workers alerts to encourage social distancing. Alerts allow workers to self-correct, identify patterns, and adjust to new their workflows safely. With web-based contract tracing reports, you can provide authorized managers access to insights to remind workers to maintain distance or improve business processes as needed. No personal or medical information is stored in the cloud information to protect employee privacy.

    • Send alerts to workers reminding them to maintain safe social distancing.
    • Proactively create a record of proximity events for reporting purposes and contact tracing if necessary.
    • Identify patterns where social distancing is not maintained to help ensure a safe working environment.

    Learn more about MotionWorks Proximity.

  • ID & Smart Card Access Control Solutions

    Provide secure access & peace of mind for staff and guests in collaboration with virus and proximity monitoring technology

    • Premier Proximity Cards
    • RFID Cards & Passes
    • Zebra Card Printers & Genuine Supplies

    Industry-Specific Access Control Solutions:

    • Government IDs, Cards and Access Control Cards
    • Retail & Hospitality Personalized Gift, Membership and Loyalty Cards
    • Smart Cards in Travel, Gaming & Entertainment
    • Healthcare & Hospital Badges
    • Pharmacy & Laboratory Security ID and Access Control Cards
    • Educational Facilities Employee, Student and Staff ID and Access Control Cards
    • Transportation & Logistics Access Control Cards

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