The Pocket-Sized Barcode Scanner – Meet the New Symbol CS4070-HC

cs4070hcBarcode scanning can help staff identify patients and specimen, give staff access to medical records, and allow them to provide medication accurately. Since the use of barcodes are almost essential in hospitals, it is important to have a scanner that is reliable and easy to use.

Zebra’s Symbol CS4070- HC Companion Scanner is a convenient pocket sized, wireless enterprise class 1D/2D scanner. It allows nurses and lab technicians to capture barcodes anywhere in the hospital. The CS4070-HC is small enough for staff to put in their pockets and light enough for them to put on a lanyard and wear around their necks. The scanner is also made with disinfectant-ready plastics to ensure sanitation. Additional features and benefits of the CS4070-HC include:

  • Easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Durable design
  • Full shift power
  • Scan virtually any barcode on any medium

Download a Spec Sheet.

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