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Introducing the new LXE Tecton Rugged Handheld Computer

Tecton_Small_55keyLXE’s popular MX7 series Mobile Computers are new and improved… Meet the Tecton!Tecton Warehouse Computer

Introducing the Tecton™ warehouse computer, the successor of LXE’s popular MX7, offering enhanced performance, ergonomics and flexibility. The new Tecton was built for manufacturing operations, warehousing, transportation and logistics. It has natural handgrip ergonomics, and superior performance features for a wide array of supply chain tasks. In addition, the Tecton CS is available for cold storage environments, operating in as low as -30°C.

The new Tecton™ has a barcode reader capable of reading data from 10 cm to an impressive forty feet away! Scan-intensive picking applications are made easier with a removable easy-grip handle with two-finger trigger and combined light weight form factor. Every Tecton™ comes with LXE’s proprietary Tough Talk technology for a voice-driven process, and scan vibration signal to ensure successful scans and data entry.

Some key attributes of the Tecton™ are:

  • Faster real-time data capture with a PXA320 806MHz processor running Windows® CE 6.0 or Windows® Mobile 6.5
  • IP 65 rated with up to 1.8m (6′) drop to concrete and available cold-storage configurations for environments as low as -30°C (Tecton CS)
  • Natural handgrip ergonomics and removable pistol grip
  • Flexible enough to fit your needs, with 55 or 32 key backlit keypads, Tough Talk, and available vehicle mount.
  • Reads barcodes from inches away to as far as forty feet.
  • Full shift battery life with faster eco-friendly battery charge
  • 100% compatible with all MX7 accessories

Watch a video:

The Tecton and Tecton CS will begin shipments in March, 2011.

Download a Tecton spec sheet.
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