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Don’t Limit Your Business With Limited Printers

Are you looking to increase agility and efficiency while reducing risks? Link-OS enterprise printers will give you more manageability, intelligence, and capabilities.

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The Limited Printer

The limited printer can have many issues.  They can also be difficult to work with and can even make your staffs’ jobs harder.  Some examples of issues include:

  • Restricted visibility – guaranteed to deliver delays and downtime
  • Anti-integration – anything less than seamless is senseless
  • Compatibility issues – relationships with IoT and Cloud require strong commitments
  • Obsessed with speeds and feeds – how fast? How much? How predictable
  • Unpredictable connectivity – slow and unreliable never gets anyone anywhere
  • Lack of intelligence – perceptive isn’t possible without smart and intuitive

Are you finally ready to find a solution for these issues? It may be time for a Link-OS capable printer.

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Link-OS Enterprise Printers

Enterprise printers that are Link-OS capable are the solution to many of the issues that limited printers face. See, Link-OS enterprise printers have many advantages including:

  • They’re simpler to set up, maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, integrate, deploy, and manage.  And, this is true no matter the scale of printers, from tens to thousands of printers. As a result, this level of manageability will lead to greater agility.
  • They’re smarter with deeper visibility into operations, adaptability to the cloud, IoT, printing environments, and future needs.  They also provide enterprise-class privacy and workflow efficiency. This increased intelligence will result in decreasing the number of risks.
  • They’re stronger for maximum reliability and quality construction, performing in demanding work environments and applications, delivering optimal output quality and minimizing downtime and avoiding bottlenecks.  As a result of increasing capabilities, you will be able to optimize efficiency.

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Printers with Link-OS

Most of Zebra’s newer printers are Link-OS capable including desktop, mobile, industrial, and healthcare printers. Here are some of their most popular Link-OS enterprise printers:




ZQ500 Mobile Printer

QLn 220/230 HC



zd410 direct thermal desktop printer by Zebra


Learn more about the Link-OS environment. 

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