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Mobile Printer Upgrade – is it Time?

The Effect of Long-Term Wear & Tear on Your Printers

Is your mobile workforce using mobile printers? If they’ve been using the same printers for over three years, it may be time for an upgrade. Three years of wear and tear can affect how your current mobile printers operate, especially in harsh environments, and that can end up costing you.  Zebra’s ZQ500 series may be the answer!

Zebra Mobile Printer Upgrade

Trade in your old mobile printers and get exclusive discounts and rebates on new devices. Contact us for details! 

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Benefits of a Mobile Printer Upgrade

Using old technology can slow you down. Device failures due to using older devices can cause about 140 minutes of lost productivity a day.  High levels of productivity loss can really cost your business.  So, make sure you’re using technology that is up to date and designed for your work environment!

Learn about current trade-in incentives and save on device upgrades! Let us know how we can help. 

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Zebra’s ZQ500 series will help increase employee productivity and help overall operations.

  • The ZQ500 series are some of the most rugged mobile printers available, which leads to more up time.
  • They have the industry’s best connectivity options, providing businesses with a more efficient workflow.
  • These mobile printers extremely user friendly and have the fastest adoption rates.

Download the datasheet – ZQ500 Mobile Printers from Zebra Technologies.

Choose the Printer that is Perfect for Your Needs

If you’re interested in upgrading your mobile printers but you don’t think the ZQ500 is right for you, that’s ok!  Zebra has several mobile printer families to choose from.  Regardless of your industry or whether you’re printing barcodes, labels, receipts, or tickets, Zebra has a mobile device for you.

Zebra also offers premium fixed and desktop printers that allow your workforce to print in even the most challenging, high volume environments.  Learn more about Zebra printers and download a Mobile Printer Portfolio Guide.

Mobile Printer Portfolio Guide