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Mobile Supply Chain Software for Food Distribution

Timely, accurate information will give you a competitive edge for your food distribution operation. If you know the status and where your products are at all times, you will be able to ensure on-time deliveries and product freshness. Mobile supply chain software is a tool allowing you to do real time tracking and management of products throughout the distribution chain. This efficient operation results in reduced delivery costs, decreased late or lost deliveries, and continued customer satisfaction.

Potential Problems in Food Distribution

However, even the best operation can experience a serious problem which requires an immediate response. In the past few years there have been many instances of massive product recalls because of real and potential health issues like salmonella and E. coli. Milk, nuts, romaine, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and peanut butter are only a few of the recent high profile recalls. The unnecessary publicity in these situations has had significant negative impact on consumer confidence in individual companies and in the industry as a whole. There is often a public outcry for more regulations and stricter inspections.

Public health and safety are high priorities for any level of government or regulatory agency. Legislators now require manufacturers to be able to trace their food products. Associations of producers are leading this movement by developing standards for tracing food products throughout the entire supply chain. The intent is to trace the source of food contamination quickly once a problem is identified anywhere in the distribution system.

The Solution for Tracking Food Distribution

You need to rely on cost effective electronic technology to track products through your food distribution operation. Mobile supply chain software offers solutions for better tracking and visibility of produce, with more efficient operation and inventory control, as well as the capability of improving delivery of quality products to the retailer and, ultimately, to the consumer. This capacity for tracking begins with a bar code applied to cases of produce packed by the grower or processor. Additional transactional databases will track the product information as it continues to journey from the field or plant to the distribution facility to the points of purchase.

mx9 rugged honeywell computerNo matter where you are positioned in the food distribution chain, you need mobile devices which not only meet the requirements for tracing produce, but are also capable of being integrated into your existing IT system. What you need is a mobile computer which will provide a complete solution, from voice to scanning and running mobile supply chain software that can control all aspects of your shipment. The Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Series mobile computers provide this capability.

The Honeywell design of the Dolphin 9900 Series mobile computers incorporates a complete range of technologies which allows maximum productivity and efficiency for the user:

  • High performance data collection technology captures digital images and electronic signatures
  • The rugged design provides reliable service in any environment
  • A flashlight and pistol grip makes the device easy to use for long periods
  • An integrated multi-mode wireless technology provides real time voice communication and data exchange
  • Long battery life enhances productivity
  • GPS is built in to improve control of all field assets

The rugged, full featured and user friendly design of the Dolphin 9900 mobile computer is the right choice for any company installing mobile supply chain software.