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Field Mobility Applications

Mobile Technology Solutions for Field Service

The public face of many businesses is the front line service professional working in the field. Manufacturers of all kinds of equipment and appliances contract technicians to install, maintain and repair their products in businesses and residences.   Even the things everyone takes for granted like the maintenance and repair of the heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing found in homes and places of work deserve the best tools and resources to preform to the highest level.

Field_Service_wap_app_20080730042_mr (1)These few examples are representative of a large workforce whose primary connection to their home offices, warehouses or service centers is their mobile device. This means the service they provide is only as good as their processes and resources.

RMS Omega Partners with Motorola & Zebra for Mobile Technology Solutions in Field Service

RMS Omega is well aware of the challenges of field services and works closely with trusted partners such asMotorola and Zebra Technologies to find technology solutions custom-designed to meet the needs of each client. Whether focusing on installation, maintenance or repair services, each business operates in a unique environment. The specialists at RMS Omega know how to ask the questions that elicit enough information to recommend specific solutions.

Challenges for Service Technicians in the Field

Nearly 75% of people making service calls to a business have a problem other than preventative maintenance. Something is wrong and they want it fixed   ̶   now! The goal is always to solve the problem on the first visit in order to keep the customers happy today and foster loyalty for tomorrow.

To nurture customer satisfaction, a qualified service technician needs to:

  • Receive accurate, complete work orders and any updates during the day
  • Arrive on time for the appointment
  • Travel with all necessary tools and common spare parts
  • Be able to scan barcodes for diagnostics on equipment or to capture readings
  • Have immediate access to stored information such as customer history, service manuals and back office resources to help resolve the problem
  • Access to real time prices and availability of parts, if necessary
  • Produce an invoice and process payment
  • Print receipts at site to give to the customer
  • Capture before and after photos
  • Communicate in real time with customers and corporate dispatch

Not every technician has to perform all these tasks, depending on his specific job. However, absolutely every service technician in the world has faced an angry customer who stayed home for a repair person who didn’t show up or who is told she has to wait a few days for a replacement part. Customers have high expectations of products and services. No service provider can afford to let them down.

Mobile Solutions

A well trained, well equipped technician is the gold standard in the service industry, especially if they has up to date technology to support their work. RMS Omega offers full service enterprise solutions for a mobile workforce.

Most popular are lightweight, user friendly, wireless computers. Although some are the size and appearance of a personal smartphone or tablet, they are loaded with enterprise functionalities. Such devices are multi functional, including:

  • Phone
  • Scanner
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Access to customer files, technical manuals, and pricing guides
  • Inventory management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoices/signatures
  • Processing payments

RMS Omega can design an end-to-end mobile technology system that reduces and usually eliminates customer frustrations. The bonus is that the front line service technicians can also have confidence they can access full support in completing their work orders.

Always being connected is the new standard for service technicians in the field. They have continuous access to information. Also, supervisors and scheduling personnel can manage tasks and monitor location and productivity.

RMS Omega is pleased with the field performance of two rugged Motorola products:

Motorola TC55 Touch Computer


Android TM OS with location based apps, optimized routing and real time updatesThe pocket sized, all touch TC55 features:

  • Capacity for integrated data capture
  • Durability in industrial environments
  • High-quality, reliable 4G voice and data
  • Excellent audio
  • Readable in both bright sunlight and low-light conditions
  • User replaceable, long lasting battery

Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet

tc55The business grade ET1 features:

  • Enhanced Android OS
  • Ultra strong Gorilla® glass touch screen but sensitive enough to use wearing gloves
  • Easy viewing for graphics, schematics, video and text
  • Video for real time linking with expert resources, if needed
  • Capacity for adding applications and accessories
  • Multi-user log-in function to accommodate several users
  • Secure data encryption

QLn220_media_large1Being able to print on the spot is important too.  This can be done with Zebra’s QLn Mobile Printer Series. Print labels, receipts and invoices on site and on demand. Some features of the QLn series include:

  • Drop-resistant rugged direct thermal printing technology
  • Optional 2, 3, and 4-inch-wide printing
  • Print speeds up to 4 inches per second
  • Serial and USB ports
  • 5-way navigation buttons, two software defined keys
  • Printer alerts on the display, help menus
Benefits of Mobile Field Service Solutions

The enterprise service manager, the technician and the customer all benefit from the mobile technology solutions used for field service:

  • A technology system that distributes work orders and tracks technicians and workflow remotely saves both time and costs for driving to an office or service center
  • GPS function ensures the timely arrival of the technician at the business or home
  • Real time access to all necessary customer information, warranty and service agreements, equipment data and available inventory increases point of service efficiency with higher productivity and less downtime
  • The manager can monitor and adjust workflow and workforce remotely for optimum efficiency
  • Time saved results in an increased number of service calls in a day complete with their billings and payments
  • Durable devices such as Motorola rugged computers and Zebra mobile printers mean fewer breakages and less downtime and replacement costs

When a business provides state of the art mobile technology to its service technicians in the field, it is setting the scene for service efficiencies throughout the organization and an increased profitability. More importantly, it is increasing customer satisfaction in the long term. RMS Omega is proud to support such forward thinking enterprises in honoring a sustainable commitment to service excellence.

Contact us today for more information! We are happy to assist you with your mobile workforce and field services technology needs.