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Polar Vortex Product Spotlight – Mobile Computers Built for the Cold!

GHGMobile devices don’t like the cold anymore than we do. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the hardware to become brittle, drain battery life faster, or cause condensation to form inside the screen.

At RMS, we often work with food distributors who utilize mobile computers in extreme temperatures every day. Scanning items, tracking and collecting data in and out of freezers and refrigerators can really take a toll on your devices if they aren’t built for it. When operating in frigid temperatures, we recommend Honeywell’s Tecton™ Cold Storage Mobile Computer.

The Tecton cold storage computer can operate at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

tecton135Tecton CSWith large keys ideal for gloved hands, the TectonCS mobile computer offers internal heaters and screen defrosters, as well as special battery packs to optimize the operating life of the product and usability as operators roam in and out of refrigerated environments.

Read how one Distributor utilizes the TectonCS to track their inventory of sushi for Whole Foods:

As for your consumer devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, this technology wasn’t built for use in the cold and we never recommend using these devices to support your daily business operations when in extreme environments. However, for your personal use, here are a few tips from the web on how to protect your phone in cold weather.

Try to stay warm out there this winter! And be safe, this polar vortex is a doozy!

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