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Tough and Versatile Tablets for in the Warehouse and out in the Feild

Janam enterprise tablets meet high expectations in challenging environments.  Janam tablets are protected against dust, water, vibrations, extreme temperatures and drops. Their reliability makes them a match for warehouses as well as technicians in the field, healthcare workers, airline personnel and law enforcement. Similar to consumer tablets, Janam boasts sleek and light designs while remaining very affordable for enterprise operations.

Janam Tablets

Experience sleek and ergonomic design and unmatched durability with Janam enterprise tablets.

  • Janam HT Series

    HT Series

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    Slim and light, the HT1 is ergonomically designed for one-handed use and is as stylish as a consumer tablet. The powerful HT1 offers latest-generation speed and performance to help organizations achieve maximum productivity. A blazing-fast Snapdragon octa-core processor boosts efficiency, while an 8200mAh swappable and rechargeable battery provides all-day battery life for uninterrupted usage in extended-shift work environments.