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Honeywell Mobile Barcode Printers Designed to be Rugged.

Honeywell mobile printers deliver the fastest choice for customers with demanding applications in warehousing, distribution, retail, and enterprise asset management. Built to withstand dirt, moisture, and temperature extremes, these printers are perfect for field applications. With software, media, and services, Honeywell printers help improve productivity while lowering costs for development, deployment, and support.

Honeywell mobile printing

With ultra-fast 4 ips print speed, Honeywell prints two to three times faster than the competition. These high performance 2, 3, and 4-inch label printers deliver productivity your customers can count on. Honeywell’s mobile printers also have a 5-foot multiple drop spec, IP54 seal rating, and forklift-strength shock and vibration specs, minimizing repairs and downtime.

Applications for Honeywell Mobile Printers

Honeywell has a broad line of mobile computers that includes legacy brands like Intermec and Datamax O’Neil. Honeywell’s leading line includes the RP Series, but other rugged options like Intermec’s legacy PB Series and the Datamax RL3e and RL4e are popular for mobile printing applications. As covered above, Honeywell mobile printers boast a variety of rugged and reliable features for the mobile workforce. They are ideal for fieldwork, warehouses, transportation & logistics, and retail. Furthermore, they are well suited for applications like forklift printing as long as they have the right mounting accessories.

Working With a Honeywell Specialist

RP Series

RMS Omega leverages its Platinum level partnership with Honeywell to help supply chains, warehouses, and retailers get access to affordable and high-performing barcode technology. Our specialists are happy to assist you in finding the right hardware, software, and support you need for a specific application. Furthermore, RMS Omega provides certified repair services for Honeywell and Honeywell legacy printers including Intermec and Datamax-O’Neil. For authorized repair and service on your Honeywell Printers, please contact us or fill out our online service request form.

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Honeywell Mobile Printer Series

  • RP Series

    Honeywell RP Series

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    This portable printer provides big productivity gains and reduces errors by enabling workers to print labels at the location they need to be applied when they need to be applied. Unlike other mobile printers on the market, the RP4e printer offers almost 2X the print speed media capacity, a one-point ANSI print quality improvement, and superior battery power longevity with our new Hidrain battery – ensuring smooth, continuous operation so your workers can work efficiently with less media reloading, battery swaps, and downtime.

    • Ultra-rugged
    • Lightweight and ergonomic
    • Hot-swappable battery
  • Honeywell PrintPAD

    The PrintPAD™ system eliminates the hassle of juggling a mobile printer and computer. It’s equipped with an integrated 101.6 mm (4 in) Honeywell MicroFlash™ 4te printer. Simply add a Honeywell CN3, CN4, CN3e, CN4e, CN51 or CN70/70e mobile computer to get the convenience of a portable thermal printer and mobile computer united in a compact, ergonomic unit.

    • Integrates with Honeywell CN mobile computers
    • Print graphics as well as 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Bluetooth and extended battery life
  • Datamax Apex Series

    Download the Datasheet

    The Apex family offers a lightweight and economical solution for 50.8 mm (2 in), 76.2 mm (3 in) and 101.6 mm (4 in) portable receipt printing that meets your needs without sacrificing quality
    and performance. With today’s tight budgets, the Apex series is an affordable way to meet the constantly changing requirements connected to field service, transportation, retail, and law
    enforcement applications.

    • Light enough to wear all-day
    • Prints graphics as well as 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Durable and IEC68 certified
  • PB22 mobile printer series intermec by honeywell

    Intermec PB22, PB32 & PB50 Mobile Printers

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    Honeywell mobile printers deliver high-speed performance whenever and wherever you need it. Honeywell’s wide selection of energy-efficient mobile printers are designed to withstand punishing field conditions where dirt, moisture, temperature extremes, and physical shock are common. From durable to rugged, Honeywell has the right choice for your specific mobile printing needs.

    • 2,3, and 4-inch rugged mobile printing
    • Seamless integration with mobile devices
    • Secure wired and wireless communications
  • Intermec PB21, PB31, & 51

    Download the Datasheet

    A speedy choice for rugged mobile receipt printing, the PB21, PB31 and PB51 deliver a clear advantage for workers on-the-go who need to produce invoices, delivery receipts, service estimates,
    mobile point-of-sale receipts, inventory management schedules and sales orders.

    • Sophisticated sensors and LCD display
    • Seamless integration with mobile computers
    • Secure wire or wireless communication

Honeywell Labels and Media

Printer labels and media Intermec by HoneywellHoneywell labels, tags, receipts, and ribbons support a broad range of barcode printing applications in mild to harsh environments. For assistance selecting the correct labels and media for your barcode printer please contact RMS Omega.

RMS Omega is an Honeywell Printer Service Partner. Contact us about Honeywell barcode solutions.