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Workforce Connect Voice turns enterprise grade mobile computers into powerful mobile deskphones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality right to the fingertips of your mobile workers.

Your mobile task and knowledge workers depend on their Zebra Technologies mobile computers to access the information they need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. But when it comes to the many phone calls routed through the PBX to and from co-workers, managers and customers throughout the day, your workers are still dependent on their deskphone. Now, with Workforce Connect Voice, you can turn Zebra Technologies mobile computers into powerful mobile deskphones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality right to the fingertips of your mobile workers. Unparalleled customization gives you complete control over the user interface, so you can design intuitive screens that put the right features in the right place at the right time. You decide which features appear where on the home screen and the ‘in-call’ screen, allowing you to give users single button access to the features they need, when they need them. Not only can you select which features appear on the screen, but you can also create buttons to open a line of business application, even when a worker is in a call, as well as control the look and feel of every screen. The result? Workers are more productive. The quality of customer service is improved. Complex telephony functions are simplified. Training is virtually eliminated. And you get more value out of the Zebra Technologies mobile computers you already own.

Single Device Simplicity – Workforce Connect keeps workers connected with fewer devices, improves customer service and increases worker efficiency across numerous industries.

  • Workforce connect architecturePBX calls
  • Push-to-talk calls
  • Secure texting
  • Line-of business Apps
  • Barcode scanning
  • Mobile payment

Use Workforce Connect in…

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
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    Workforce Connect Software

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    Workforce Connect improves the effectiveness of communication capabilities for mobile workers inside and outside the organization. By creating software and systems for enterprise voice, text messaging and video communications across multiple media types on unified mobile devices, mobile workers can access crucial business data as well as communicate more efficiently. The result? Multi-device functionality that drives capital and operational costs down — and unified device simplicity that drives workforce productivity up.

Using Enterprise Mobile Devices

Enterprise mobile devices like the MC40 and TC70 give workers the ability to do more things in more places. With Workforce Connect software, an organization can extend their PBX features to select mobile computers, turning them into powerful mobile desk phones that create a direct link between customers and the workforce.

  • Motorola MC40 Touch Computer

    MC40 Mobile Computer

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    Deliver service that will impress today’s demanding and technology savvy customers with the MC40. You get a cool, sleek design that rivals the most popular consumer-style products on the outside and pure business on the inside — enterprise-class durability, security and a comprehensive set of features including advanced bar code scanning, push-to-talk, access to back-end store applications and the store’s online website, a high-resolution camera, plus an integrated magnetic stripe reader. The result? Associates can find the answer to practically any product question, present product comparisons to help with a buying decision, place an order for next day delivery or in-store pick-up for an item that isn’t available and ring up a sale — all without ever walking away from the customer.

  • TC70 Mobile Computer - Motorola Mobile Computers

    TC70 Mobile Computer

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    The TC70 is the professional grade Android device built from the ground up for the enterprise, with Extensions (Mx) that turn Android into a true enterprise-class operating system, world-class data capture capabilities, a touch panel that works even when wet, a versatile accessory family that allows you to customize the TC70 for different types of tasks, all in a rugged design built to last for years.