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If you have a workforce using mobile computers for their daily business, you want to check out terminal emulation (TE) software. Install a TE program and all your mobile workers can have access to a main host computer with full service functionalities. No matter what your business, RMS Omega specialists can show you how TE can extend the usefulness of your mobile devices whether they are used in a warehouse, hospital or out in the field.

What is a Terminal Emulation Program?

A TE program is an application that connects all your mobile computers to a main computer and allows a worker in the field to input and access all the data on the larger computer. Typically, you would install only a thin client on the mobile device, no more than necessary. It communicates with the host server through keystrokes and scans to transmit data. More advanced applications can now also communicate through voice input, RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers and touch screens.

Your server software allows the transmitted data to interact with all relevant business applications. Any net changes as a result of mobile input, computations and reformatting are then transmitted back to the mobile computers. Usually, all data from the emulation session is saved on the host.

Administrator software manages the remote emulation sessions, sets the parameters for data manipulation and manages system diagnostics. For example, administrators can add or change fields, texts and functions and save the reformatted screens.

Benefits of a TE Application

You and your workers using the mobile computers with robust, state of the art TE software can benefit from:

  • Maximum data capture
  • Real time, interactive access to all the stored data
  • Increased automation resulting in increased productivity and efficiency
  • Minimized network traffic which saves times and speeds workflow
  • Reliable connections even in harsh environments or locations with poor RF coverage
  • Decrease admin costs with integrated management

Read on to check out TE products from a couple of RMS Omega’s trusted partners.

These are just a sampling of the TE products and features our team of specialists can review with you. Contact us for assistance!

  • Velocity

    With Velocity, you can bring your existing telnet and web applications to a new generation of Android mobile computers, increasing productivity in four easy steps. Better still, you set the pace for each step in the progression, ensuring a successful deployment.

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  • Terminal Emulation Software: StayLinked

    The StayLinked solution for thin-client wireless terminal emulation is unique in its design and functionality, and has become the standard for next-generation wireless devices.

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  • Terminal Emulation Software: Ivanti

    Ivanti Terminal Emulation, powered by Wavelink, reliably extends mission-critical business applications on mainframe systems out to mobile workers.

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