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 Voice Applications for the Enterprise

Increase Accuracy, Safety, and Efficiency by Adding Voice to Existing Mobile Devices in the Warehouse

Incorporating voice applications into enterprise operations has proven to deliver 99% accuracy and at the least, a 10% improvement in productivity to warehouse applications such as data-entry, picking, and processing. Furthermore, a combination of voice applications and wearables also dramatically improves safety by allowing workers to have their eyes and handsfree for tasks and workflows.

Benefits of Voice Technology

The benefits of installing voice technology include:

  • Reduced errors using voice-activated data entry instead of manual inputs
  • Increased safety as workers do not have to hold a device or keep looking up and down at a keypad or screen
  • Streamlined workflow; e.g. being able to execute picking while listening to the order instead of waiting to read the screen, then putting down the mobile device in order to pick the item
  • A decrease in network traffic as voice communication passes from one mobile device to another without going through the server

The specialists at RMS Omega can help your organization obtain these benefits and the resulting increase in productivity and profitability. When you are ready to take the next step, contact our team and we will work with you to identify your specific needs and recommend the voice technology that is most appropriate for your operations.

Learn more about the enterprise voice software options from our partners.

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  • Workforce Connect Voice | Mobile Communication Software

    Workforce Connect Voice turns enterprise grade mobile computers into powerful mobile deskphones that deliver comprehensive PBX functionality right to the fingertips of your mobile workers.

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  • Mobile Voice Productivity Software with AccuSpeech

    Voice enable your mobile devices without application changes or sever based integration. Enhance workforce productivity for any DC application including receiving, replenishment, cycle-count, cross-docking, packing and more.

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  • Ivanti Speakeasy

    Ivanti's Speakeasy software enables companies with limited IT budgets to achieve a full-featured voice solution that streamlines workflows while boosting accuracy and productivity.

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