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CN3Provide your Workforce with Mobile Devices to Increase Accuracy

Bon Appetit® Bakery is a California-based wholesale bakery manufacturing facility, specializing in gourmet baking and distribution of top quality Danish, cakes, muffins and a vast assortment of other fine gourmet products to the retail and convenience store industry throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The company’s network of 400 delivery drivers had previously been using consumer-grade PDAs to help track their delivery distribution operations, however the demanding delivery environment caused nearly 5% of their PDAs to need repair or replacement each week – which equated to nearly 200% each year. They looked to upgrade to a rugged, more innovative hardware technology that could with withstand the rigors of the delivery environment and that could grow with them in the future.

Rugged mobile devices have helped business have faster and more dependable delivery.  Find out how rugged handheld devices can help your business.

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