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Case StudiesMSC Home Terminal takes on Honeywell’s VX9 Vehicle-Mount Computer to achieve seamless operations

Make Your Warehouse Operations as Smooth and Simple as PossibleHoneywell's MX9 Vehicle Mount Computer

The container terminal operates in a complex dynamic environment, which is connected with a wireless network. MSC HT decided to replace the outdated narrow band system with a modern spread spectrum or WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network. The narrow band system no longer sufficed, because it could only perform limited tasks such as moving containers from A to B, so-called “move” commands. That only requires a small bandwidth.

MSC HT wanted to evolve from text-based to graphical screens. Moreover, the technical department had clearly indicated that they wanted to set up proactive maintenance with which they could relay ‘alarms’ to the straddle carriers. After all a ‘strad’ needs servicing every 1,000 service hours.  They decided to try out a Honeywell Vehicle-Mount Computer.

Learn how a Vehicle-Mount Computer can improve operations in your warehouse.

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