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Case StudiesSanta Cruz Pasta Company Cuts Time & Errors With Honeywell Mobile Devices

After originally opening as an Italian deli and small restaurant specializing in organic fresh pasta and sauces, owner Steve Simonovich transitioned Santa Cruz Pasta Factory into a manufacturing and production operation. Now distributing to Bay Area grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Simonovich began running into trouble with his company’s manual processes – seeing a major increase in invoicing errors costing hundreds of dollars each month.

Simonovich was finally ready to transition Santa Cruz Pasta Company from its completely paper-based system, as it relied on basic carbon copy invoices and a back-office bookkeeper to manually enter all of the invoice data.

The company deployed Honeywell rugged mobile computers and printers as well as a simple software system. Santa Cruz Pasta Company started seeing immediate savings as a result. Savings in both time and money.

Simple Staff Training & Other Solution Successes for Santa Cruz Pasta Company

Once the software was finalized and the hardware configuration was chosen, Simonovich was trained on the new system, and then he trained his staff.  “I was shocked at how fast they picked it up,” said Simonovich. “You assume going from a manual to computer-based operation will take a bit of time to get everyone fully up and running, but after showing the drivers how to work the new system, it was literally about 30 minutes before they were ready to go. It was incredible how easy the Honeywell devices were to use.”

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Simonovich is incredibly pleased with the solution because of the boost the new technology has given his business. Plus, Simonovich said he’s so impressed with this solution that he could see other aspects of the business using something this type of technology solution as well.

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