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White PapersAn Introduction to the TC8000 Touch Computer

Addressing Productivity Barriers in the Warehouse

TC8000 Touch Computer for WarehouseToday’s warehouses are faced with increased volumes of shipments, expedited delivery times and a workforce that wants a device and applications that are as easy to use as those they use in their personal lives. However, most warehouses are already utilizing mobile devices in the warehouse aisles to improve productivity and accuracy from picking to shipping. With warehouses already reaping the maximum benefits out of their mobility solutions, what can warehouse managers do to obtain the needed increase in productivity?

Zebra’s Innovation and Design team took this issue as a challenge to innovate the traditional warehouse mobile computer. This white paper details the journey through key research insights and subsequent Human Factors studies that revealed opportunities to create a new device design that addressed all three tenets of Human Factor initiatives: enhancing task flow and productivity, maximizing user comfort and reducing the risk of user injury.

Through a combination of observational research to understand customer needs, usability testing to improve ease of use, ergonomic evaluation to minimize the physical stresses associated with task execution and user-centered Industrial Design, the resulting TC8000 mobile computer stands alone in a new category of warehouse mobile devices. In the following pages, you’ll find the metrics and test results that prove that the revolutionary product design of the TC8000 truly does deliver revolutionary productivity gains — an average of one hour per worker, per shift.

The TC8000 Touch Computer Can Solve Warehouse Challenges

Accurate and timely order picking in a warehouse is critical to ensuring delivery of the right products, at the right time, to the right customer. The volume of orders a warehouse can handle is dependent on the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of the order picker. Most warehouses have transitioned from paper-based to electronic systems, trading paper forms for the instant delivery and collection of information at the point of task via wireless handheld mobile computers. Enterprises have already extracted the maximum available efficiency increases available through today’s handheld mobile computers, but new operational challenges require warehouses to seek new ways to further increase productivity and accuracy. Online sales and home delivery are creating a major increase in order volume and SKUs. Expedited service has become the norm, requiring orders to be fulfilled faster. Additionally, changing worker demographics add a new challenge – today’s workforce wants a familiar easy-to-use touch application interface instead of the traditional terminal emulation “green screen” application interface between workers and the Warehouse Management System (WMS).TC8000 Touch Computer - Warehouse

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