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AALAS Baltimore – Visit RFIDPros in Booth 1354

RFIDPros, a division of RMS Omega, will be attending AALAS National Meeting in Baltimore, MD on October 29-31. We’re excited to show our Vivarium Census System software and RFID hardware. Visit us in booth 1354 to see a live demo!

Vivarium Census Systemvivarium census system vcs

Vivarium Census System, or VCS, is RFIDPros’ software for performing cage census. Research facilities find VCS extremely beneficial.

VCS helps improve accuracy since it uses RFID technology, which does not require a line of site. The RFID reader captures each tag’s unique ID and will transmit the information to a server or computer using VCS. This process eliminates human error and increases accuracy.

Bad data will essentially be eliminated when using VCS. That’s because VCS will never count twice and provides all the right data in real time. Census reports show what cages have and have not been seen in a particular location. Also, if a cage is missing, a report will show the information related to the cage.

VCS, combined with RFID technology, allows rapid wall-to-wall counting and locating. With the RFID tags, users can count multiple cages seconds, versus minutes with barcode technology, or hours with pen and paper. You and your staff will be able to save time counting and locating.

Learn more about VCS – download the datasheet! 

RFID Technology

For taking census, you will need a handled RFID reader. Handheld readers allow your staff to become mobile. Users can take the handheld reader to cages to take census and then back to a charging station or desk.

We recommend using the 70 series handheld readers. Some benefits of using this reader family include:70 series rfid honeywell handheld readers

  • Fully integrated UHF RFID reader.
  • Advanced RFID read performance.
  • Multiple ergonomic designs.
  • Advanced imaging technology.
  • Highly compatible.
  • Exceptional battery life.

Download the datasheet to learn more!

Stop by booth 1354 for a live VCS demo!

Can’t wait till October 29? Contact us today!