Why RFID Pros?

RMS Omega’s division, RFID Pros, specializes in designing, deploying, and managing RFID and RTLS systems that are unique to your operation’s requirements. RMS Omega is a certified provider of RFID and locationing solutions with experience in multiple industries.

You might think companies work with us because we offer the most advanced technology-based solutions for putting them in control over their physical assets. While that’s often the reason for an initial discussion, it’s not the ultimate reason they choose us.

They choose RFID Pros because we offer something far more valuable: We give clients access to meaningful information – the decision-making data that increases profitability.

Our goal is to provide the maximum value to every one of our clients by incorporating the proper hardware, software applications, professional services, and support into every solution. This is what drives us to create operating systems that immediately improve efficiency and productivity and that address your organization’s current and evolving needs for real-time information. We give you exactly what you need:

  • Expert consultants armed with the latest technologies for data collection
  • Software licenses that allow you to translate data into meaningful information
  • Hardware from recognized leaders in data collection devices and mobile computing; Zebra, Janam, and Honeywell
  • Continuous support from the best data collection engineers in the industry

So, why RFID Pros? Simply put, we live and breathe tracking, locating, and data collection technology on behalf of your bottom line.