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Get Information on Assets & Inventory in Real-Time

Facilities rely heavily on inventory counts but often underestimate the cost of doing so. At times, a misplaced piece of equipment can be the primary source of frustration for an operations manager. It can result in a loss of profitability and even delay filling customers’ orders. ASSETracs Enterprise gets read information from ASSETracs Mobile in real-time so information essential for reporting and decision making is always accurate.

Features of ASSETracs Enterprise

RFID Pro’s ASSETracs application is adaptable to most enterprise software solutions and adds value by:honeywell handheld readers assetracs enterprise

  • Performing asset inventory
  • Counting and locating
  • Real-time reporting
  • Quality control

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Performing Asset Inventory

A hybrid use of barcode and RFID technologies allows users to inventory assets quickly and efficiently to eliminate common and expensive problems. Through a handheld computer, a user receives feedback on a missing or misplaced item. This real-time information allows for immediate action and correction of the problem, allowing to maintain the most up-to-date information possible.

Counting & Locating

ASSETracs allows rapid wall-to-wall counting, and because RFID technology does not demand line of sight, an asset may be located without it’s RFID tag being visible, helping facility managers to “find” missing assets.

Real-Time Reporting

ASSETracs offers a variety of options for reporting that include Assets per location, Assets per user, Assets inventoried within a time period, Assets NOT-Found, Assets misplaced, as well as additional custom options.

Quality Control

Quality Control has never been so easy. ASSETracs ensures all inventory items are accounted for every time. With an array of options for accountability, ASSETracs will help you define the essential elements of inventory tracking and locating within a facility.

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