Automating The Automotive Supply ChainBenefits of RFID & RTLS Infographic

With the average vehicle having around 30,000 parts, automotive suppliers need efficient workflows and complete visibility over the products and materials moving through their supply chain. RMS Omega has years of industry experience in implementing solutions for automated data collection and enterprise visibility. We work with industry-leading hardware and software providers, and automotive customers like Mercedes Benz and Bridgestone to increase visibility over:

  • Vehicle parts/trolley tracking
  • Outbound & inbound inventory
  • E-Kanban production
  • Work in process
  • Tools and equipment
  • Final assembly and staging

Whether you’re looking to ditch manual inventory processes or achieve enterprise-wide real-time product visibility, RMS Omega Technologies is committed to solving your specific automotive supply chain challenges.

Creating An Automated, Optimized, & Efficient Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive suppliers undoubtedly face a demanding, fast-paced industry and can’t afford to be plagued by errors and inaccuracies. For this reason, it is our mission to craft solutions with RFID and RTLS technology that help suppliers achieve greater visibility over critical operations so they can become more accurate and efficient. RFID & RTLS Benefits in the automotive supply chain

  • Asset Tracking- Receive location data for critical parts, materials, and equipment needed for your operations. Eliminate the downtime that comes with searching for missing assets with last known locations and real-time tracking.
  • Inventory Management- Accurately manage, replenish, and monitor stock levels with automatic inventory counts and inventory level notifications. Get precise visibility over part numbers, quantities, and their locations throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility. 
  • Process & Workflow Automation- Save time and labor by automating workflows. Automating manual tasks helps organizations eliminate error and achieve operations that are leaner, cost-effective, and optimized.
  • Work in Process- Get real-time location data on parts and materials as they progress through manufacturing processes and assembly. Track parts and products as they progress through each stage and become a finished good. 

In short, there are many ways RFID and RTLS can be leveraged in automotive manufacturing. Whether you’re looking to cut operating costs, improve output, or make processes more automated, RFID and RTLS technology can help.

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Get The RFID & RTLS Support You Need

RMS Omega is a total solution provider. In addition to hardware and software, we also provide professional services to benefit your operations. 

  • Discovery & design – services will help make sure you have the exact specifications.  
  • Repair & support – ensure that all hardware is working when you need it most.  
  • Wireless infrastructure – services will make sure your wireless network is working to its full potential. Your solution is only as good as your network.
  • Managed services – take away the need to allocate scarce resources to do system administration. RMS Omega will be able to manage the health of your hardware remotely.  
  • Deployment – services will ensure your solution is working from the start.

See how we can tackle your automotive supply chain challenges and optimize your operations by contacting one of our certified technology experts.

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