Design & Architecture

Let us Design Your System for You

At RFID Pros, we understand that every facility and application has different requirements. We have experience designing RFID solutions for companies based on their specific needs. Our design & architecture services will help drive operational efficiencies, drive greater data manipulation and analytics, improve cost-to-serve ratios, and drive scalability.

How Design & Architecture Services Work

Our Solutions Architects work with our Service Technicians to complete the RFID system design. First, they take a look at the information collected in the needs analysis services.

Our team will then work with you to figure out which hardware, software, and supplies will work best for what you’re trying to accomplish with RFID. RFID Pros has a premier level partnership with the top manufacturers in the industry so we are able to get the best products at the lowest price.

Our team will create a statement of work for you to review. The statement of work will describe our recommendations on how to move forward with implementing an RFID solution. It will map out exactly what we will be doing for you.

Design & Architecture for Every Application

No matter the application or deployment environment, RFID Pros can offer you all of our professional services. Whether you’re in healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, or another industry, we’re here to help. Learn more about our industry solutions. 

Our other services include:

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  • Statement of Work

    The statement of work is a document that will map out our plan for implementation. The document will describe the purpose of the project along with information about the solution, including the hardware and software components that would be required.

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  • Consultative Solution Design

    RFID Pros' service technicians have years of experience designing RFID systems. We will take a consultative approach when it comes to solution design: we want to work with you and truly find the best solution for you.

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