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RFID Design & Concept Service: STAR Program

Our STAR program allows your RFID project to stand out from the rest. STAR is an acronym for Strategic Technology Analysis Report. This program includes a:

  • Site visit: The STAR programs site visit brings our evaluation team to your operations. During the visit, we walk through your daily processes, evaluating environmental challenges and discussing implementation tactics.
  • Analysis: Through a detailed analysis, our evaluation team examines technological what-if scenarios. The team identifies potential causes, key factors and results for a successful implementation all while changing what-ifs into how-tos.
  • Recommendation(s): After close inspection, our evaluation team analyzes the findings and brings forth expert insight, providing the best recommendations and options for technological advancements.
  • Executive summary: With a review, we provide a summary, which incorporates a brief but comprehensive synopsis of the site visit. This summary is intended to build a tactical plan for implementation.
  • Detailed quote: A quote outlines all expenses for implementation. The detailed quote includes quantities and costs of software, hardware, installation and ongoing maintenance.

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