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Pinpoint Data, Assets, & People with RFID & Real-Time Location Solutions.

Mtionworks Yard Management Location TechnologyIncrease productivity and efficiency, improve the safety of your people, and pinpoint the exact location of your assets and inventory with RFID and advanced Locationing Technology.

What is Locationing Technology?

Locationing can be a broad term, but what it boils down to is the relationship between sensors, readers, and location software or engines. These are also the central components of any location solution. Together they connect and exchange data in real-time without human interactions or a direct line of sight. Furthermore, location systems can interpret data and give personnel the best course of action through the implementation of analytical models.

The two main components of a location solution include Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID is the automatic identification of an object, person, or good through an active or passive ID tag. Similarly, RTLS utilizes multiple technologies, including RFID, Bluetooth, and wireless connections to generate location data on an asset. In turn, location solutions can provide the visualization of this data so managers can view, interpret, and react.

Zebra MotionWorks WarehouseDifferent Dimensions of Location Solutions

There are no “one size fits all” location solutions since tracking needs vary widely between industries. Therefore, locationing strategies will vary in terms of the following dimensions, depending on what businesses find most valuable:

  •    Range: What is the range of items you are tracking – are they global, in a facility, in a room?
  •    Accuracy: Subject to interference, time/angle/signal
  •    Precision: How precisely you need to locate an item: for example, 7m vs 25cm
  •    Data Frequency: How often do you need a location update? (every second, every 5 minutes, or every time someone checks)
  •    Infrastructure: Existing (Wi-Fi), external (cellular/satellite), simple vs. complex
  •    Deployment: Traditional cabling, receivers, and antennas vs. tags and an application
  •    Battery life: Recharge daily, replace batteries annually, replace tags every 5-10 years
  •    Interoperability: At tags, reader/receiver, at location engine
  •    Cost: Cost of tags, infrastructure, deployment and maintenance

Applications for Location Solutions

Location technologies, along with RFID Pros trained engineers, can illuminate the daily events involving assets, people, and actions in real-time. There are countless applications and needs for real-time data regarding location, condition, timing, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring throughout an organization’s daily operations. 

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Location Systems

Regardless of your industry, there is a use for location solutions.

  • Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Environmental Monitoring 
  • Maintenance and Repair Overhaul
  • Compliance 
  •  Safety
  • Workflow Optimization

Although location solutions have cross-industry applications, they have proven to be highly effective in the following verticals:Zebra Motion Works

  1. Manufacturing –  Asset Tracking, Maintenance, and Repair (MRO), Material Replenishment, Safety/Security, Supply Chain Management, Work in Process.
  2. Logistics – Cross docks, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Safety/Security, Supply Chain Management, Yard Management.
  3. Transportation – Asset utilization, Automated Track, and Trace, Loading, Maintenance Turn Times, Packing, Safety (Unescorted Minor) Vehicle tracking.
  4. Retail – Asset Tracking, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management.
  5. Healthcare – Asset Tracking, Compliance, Patient flow, Safety, Workflow Optimization.
  6. Utilities – Asset Management, Regulatory Compliance, Field Dispatch
  7. Public Sector– Asset Management, Personnel Identification, Emergency Management, and Response.

Optimize Your Business with a Location Solution From RFID Pros

Building an effective location solution requires the right hardware, software, support, and industry expertise. Our experts will work with you throughout the entire process of designing a location solution. The RFID Pros team at RMS Omega has over 20 years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions for better data and asset management. Our process includes identifying and evaluating the right hardware, software, services, and support to help companies succeed. Our mission is to improve outcomes for businesses and their surrounding communities through the implementation of strategic technology systems.

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Introducing MotionWorks RTLS Solutions

RFID Pros works with industry-leading manufacturers like Zebra Technologies. Our team is certified and trained to implement MotionWorks RTLS applications for Warehousing, Yard Management, Asset & Materials Tracking in addition to other intelligent-edge applications.

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