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Maximize IT and Worker Performance with Zebra VisibilityIQ

Enterprise mobile devices have become critical assets to the success of everyday operations of your workforce. However, as businesses grow, fleets of devices can become increasingly harder to manage. With a large fleet of enterprise devices, many may not be operating at an optimal capacity as a result of downtime or excess inventory. Most importantly, your organization could be losing money and time by not fully utilizing its IT assets. In turn, Zebra VisibilityIQ illuminates the performance of your Zebra devices and provides insight on how you can increase productivity and reduce costs.

The VisibilityIQ solution is a cloud-based service that takes data from your enterprise mobile devices and through analytics, produces actionable insights for boosting productivity and driving down costs. Furthermore, the data intelligence platform provides access to analytic tools and different layers of visibility that help optimize your enterprise. As a result of an advanced MDM like VisibilityIQ, organizations not only improve the utilization of their assets but the productivity and efficiency of their workforce.


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Zebra VisibilityIQ Foresight

Foresight is an intelligence tool that goes beyond traditional MDMs and provides a comprehensive view of operations as well as the next steps for improvement. Even further, Foresight will notify you when critical action is needed. Through predictive analytics, enterprises can be proactive in addressing device issues, identifying cost-saving opportunities, optimizing inventory, and reducing lost assets. Other features of Foresight include:

  • Having all device metrics under one view
  • Advanced insights not found in traditional MDMs
  • Email alerts
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Customizable views by role

Zebra VisibilityIQ DNA

VisibilityIQ DNA provides embedded intelligence for Zebra enterprise devices. DNA enables devices with software, applications, and utilities, therefore adding additional capabilities to Zebra products. Similarly to Foresight, DNA operates through an intuitive on-premise dashboard. In turn, enterprises can easily manage fleets while boosting efficiency and uptime. In addition to receiving advanced analytics on devices, enterprises can:

  • Execute Rapid Configuration
  • Streamline asset management
  •  Ensure seamless integration

Zebra VisibilityIQ OneCare VisibilityIQ Dashboard

Successful everyday operations depend on enterprise devices running efficiently. With Zebra OneCare you get peace of mind when the unplanned happens. OneCare covers repairs, hardware and software support, and security protection for Zebra devices. VisibilityIQ OneCare provides a cloud-based view to access and track repairs, security reports, and contract renewals. Zebra OneCare makes enterprise improvements easier by:

  • Avoiding downtime with dependable service and support
  • Protecting devices and data from security threats
  • Reducing unnecessary repairs or replacements

Maximize Your Enterprise Data with RMS Omega

With RFID Pros, a division of RMS Omega, you will work with a team of certified Zebra solutions experts who will take the time to understand your organization’s challenges and offer continued guidance and assistance through solution design, implementation, training, and ongoing support after deployment. As a result, we provide organizations with strategically implemented solutions that help them maximize the value of their enterprise data. Furthermore, location solutions with RMS Omega help businesses leverage critical asset data en route to enterprise optimization.


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