Technology For The Supply Chain: RMS Omega at MODEX 2020

    RMS Omega is a strategic technology provider for RFID, barcode, advanced data collection and location technology, and wireless and mobility solutions. We help companies leverage these technologies in order to improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. RMS Omega supports small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations through the selection, deployment, maintenance, and servicing of technology products that capture, manage, and integrate business, personal, or product data.

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    Motionworks Asset™ – Managing Critical Assets

    In addition to tracking critical people and items, MotionWorks Asset provides valuable data about the health and status of assets. Because organizations know the precise status and location of assets, they can make dynamic routing decisions that optimize their distribution. MotionWorks Asset can also be used to track vehicles, tools, and equipment, helping enterprises execute better delivery services and more efficient production.

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    Locationing RFID & RTLS Technology Solutions | Zebra MotionWorks

    Managing the critical assets, goods, and people in your operation is exactly that: critical. Because if you don’t have visibility into their location, condition and performance, things can break down on a much larger scale. Resources can be misused. Competitive advantages squandered. Safety compromised. Efficiency and productivity stalled. But now there are real-world location solutions providing the visibility necessary for actionable insights to better accelerate your business: Zebra MotionWorks.

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    DS9900 Series in the Lab

    With the fastest scanning performance in its class, innovative features to empower lab workers and pharmacy staff and a compelling new industrial design, the next-generation DS9900 Series for Labs separates itself from other imagers in the premium general-purpose hybrid handheld/hands-free category.

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    RFID Solution for the NICU

    RestEasy RFID

    RMS Omega’s RFID solution for the NICU allows the nurse to apply an ankle band to the newborn and read the ankle band without disturbing the newborn. This will improve the overall outcome of the patients.

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