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Go Hands-Free with Voice Applications

Implement Voice Recognition Applications With Your Existing Devices

RMS Omega can improve your organization’s current output by voice-enabling your enterprise devices. Using voice recognition over manual data input is a quick and feasible way to expedite work tasks and improve productivity on average of 10-40% per worker. Additionally, voice applications increase accuracy, safety, and productivity:Voice

  • Entering data through voice applications minimizes errors and time spent on manual entry.
  • When users have voice applications installed on their devices, they are working on an eyes-free and hands-free device that allows them to pay attention to their environment and possible safety hazards.
  • The ability to speak to the device directly is much quicker than key-in entry.  With voice applications, users can also get more work done in less time.

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RMS Omega’s service technicians have many years of experience in the business. Our technicians are aware that different environments require different solutions and that every facility is unique. Our professional services will work with you before, during and after implementation to make sure our solutions continue to deliver the results you need.