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Device ManagementManaged & Visibility Services for Zebra Hardware

Maximize the Benefits of your Zebra Mobility Investment

Get the data you need to maximize productivity, operational performance and mobile device value – at your fingertips!

To maximize the benefit of your mobility investment in Zebra mobile computers and printers, you need visibility into operational information, both asset-centric and operational performance. By using a cloud-based management and integration platform, managed services can give you anywhere, anytime access to your data, enabling timely decision making and the ability to take the action required to improve business performance. Managed and visibility services tell you:
Zebra mobile computer in the warehouse

  • Where your devices are
  • How your devices are performing
  • If the devices are being fully utilized
  • If the devices are properly configured with a fully charged battery for full-shift power
  • How operational processes are performing

Learn about operational visibility services and asset visibility services.

Operational Visibility Services (OVS)

Operational Visibility Services (OVS) for Zebra devices, allow you to gain the control and actionable insight you need to drive improved business performance. Use OVS to see information such as location, condition, health, and usage patterns of your organization’s mobile environment including mobile computing devices and LinkOS networked printers.  Features of OVS include:
Operational Visibility Service- Zebra

  • Fully hosted Zebra Cloud platform
  • Easy to order with Zebra & RMS Omega service
  • Integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities
  • Configurable thresholds and proactive alerts aligned to user roles

Already have an MDM system? No problem!

OVS Connect was created for organizations who have already invested in an on-premise MDM system. OVS uses “connection software” to access data from the existing MDM and send data over to Zebra’s cloud-based Asset Visibility Platform for reporting purposes. This means you will receive all the benefits for OVS while protecting your current MDM investment. Benefits of using OVS Connect include:

  • Asset health, utilization trends, geo-location, device metrics, and reports
  • Operational dashboard, configurable views, and thresholds
  • Reporting and analytics with data from operational environment
  • Connection to your managed MDM for operational dashboard
  • Online training
  • Technical helpdesk for platform support

Download the OVS Fact Sheet.

Asset Visibility Service (AVS)

Asset Visibility Service (AVS) is designed to increase device availability for Zebra mobile computers and printers. AVS gives you access to insight into device health, utilization, and performance resulting in increased employee productivity and overall company operational efficiency. AVS key features include:
Asset Visibility Service- Zebra

  • Ideal for organizations who need valuable business-critical data about device health and usage
  • There is no lengthy configuration or commissioning process
  • Powered by Zebra’s cloud-based Asset Visibility Platform
  • Provides at-a-glance dashboard to show performance and availability of business-critical assets
  • Leverages advanced predictive analytics to provide recommendations to maximize operational performance

Download the AVS Fact Sheet.