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Support Guides for RMS Omega’s Temperature Display Unit

RMS Omega is here to be your first and only point of contact for the SafePass temperature display unit. During this unprecedented time, RMS Omega has dedicated itself to technology solutions that help companies get back to work safely. We have provided support videos as well as instruction manuals to assist you in setting up our temperature screening solution. The following guides will walk you through setting up the hardware and software components of the display unit.

For immediate assistance please contact our services department at 1-888-857-8402 ext. 1001 or email helpdesk@rmsomega.com. Please be prepared to provide your Company Name and Device Serial Number found on the back of the SmartPass Tablet.

SmartPass Support: Instruction Manuals

SmartPass Management Platform User Manual

SmartPass Server Requirements

SmartPass Management Platform Upgrade Instructions

Brochure Specification Sheet

Floor Stand Assembly Instructions

EntryTracs Support: Instruction Manuals

EntryTracs Setup & Usage Guide

EntryTracs Printer Mounting Instructions

Order More EntryTracs ID Labels

SmartPass Support: Video Guides

View our collection of support videos below or click here to visit our Vimeo channel.

Hardware Set-Up Guide

Software Set-Up Guide

Software Features Set-Up Guide

Updating SmartPass APK Application

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