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Return to Work With RMS Omega’s Guide to a Healthy and Safe Workplace

Creating a healthy and safe workplace has become a primary initiative for businesses over the past few months. However, it has also been challenging for organizations to identify the best solutions for ensuring safety without sacrificing performance. As a total solution provider, RMS Omega has a variety of technologies that help organizations meet compliance and keep workplaces safe and accountable. From temperature screening and facial recognition kiosks to device cleaning guides, we are here to help you and your organization maintain a safe environment.

Temperature Screening

SmartPass Temperature Screening is a contactless alternative for taking and monitoring employee temperatures. The kiosk is perfect for entry points where it will validate temperatures, facility personnel, and detect if masks are being worn. In turn, your organization can identify potential threats and mitigate large scale exposure. The SmartPass temperature screening and facial recognition kiosks include a thermal imager for taking temperature and a wide dynamic camera for identifying employees and visitors. All units come with SmartPass management software for creating an accountable record of temperature recordings you can monitor on the back-end.

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SmartPass Temperature Detection Display

Improve your screening process with these added features

In addition to taking temperatures and verifying personnel, RMS Omega units can be configured with our EntryTracs Android application. EntryTracs works with SmartPass to provide additional features after the temperature is validated. Additional features include:

  • Automatic printing of daily passes for compliant temperatures
  • Alarms and triggers for non-compliant screenings
  • Customized audio prompts to increase ease of use
  • Automated email and text notifications.

Download the EntryTracs brochure.

Print daily compliance passes with EntryTracs

Proximity Tracking

Proximity tracking serves as a useful and easily-implemented solution for maintaining social distance. More importantly, you can leverage your existing hardware. Using Bluetooth and device location data, proximity tracking monitors your workforce and who they have come in contact with.

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity MotionWorks Proximity

If you have Bluetooth-enabled Zebra devices, Motionworks Proximity could be for you. The solution uses Bluetooth functionality and cloud-based software to automate personnel tracking. Furthermore, the solution is also remotely managed through Zebra, eliminating any added IT work on your end. With Motionworks, you and your workforce receive:

  • Proximity alerts when social distance is breached
  • Proximity events for close contact over 5 minutes
  • Web-based contact tracing reports
  • Employee anonymity with generated IDsWorkplace safety

Learn more about Motionworks Proximity.

Honeywell Operational Intelligence

Unlike MotionWorks Proximity, Operational Intelligence also functions as an MDM that centrally manages and monitors the performance of your IT assets. Now including health and safety features, the software monitors proximity between your devices. In addition to social distance proximity detection, Operational Intelligence also provides:

  • IT asset chain of custody
  • Device cleaning manager
  • Remote, contactless support and troubleshooting

Learn more about Operational Intelligence.

Device Cleaning

Proper disinfection of devices is a basic practice all companies can enforce. Not everyone one is ready to adopt temperature screening kiosks or proximity tracking. However, following simple cleaning guides can go a long way fo protecting your workforce.

View our past blog for properly disinfecting your devices.

Creating a Plan For a Safer Workplace

Device cleaning

There are many different ways to leverage technology to create a safer workplace. However, not every facility needs to implement the same solutions. As a result, it’s important to consider the requirements of your facility and the compliance standards within your industry.

Whether you are exploring a certain technology or you don’t know where to start, RMS Omega has a team of workplace safety specialists that are here to help. Together we will outline your needs and requirements and put together a plan for building a safer and more productive workplace.

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