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Mobility Applications for Construction Sites

Construction companies have learned the value of barcode or RFID technology to track and manage their equipment, vehicles, tools and consumable materials at a busy building site. RMS Omega can work with you to design and install a mobility solution that will let you know the location, condition and user of equipment and the location and inventory level of your construction materials. You will have better control over your assets, increasing your efficiency and profitability.

You can track anything that can be tagged. You make the decision about the information you want to capture on the barcode such as serial number, manufacturer, purchase date and price. Scan barcode or RFID label data and store it in a central database. On a large construction site, you might want to put RFID tags on employee and visitor ID badges.

Equip your supervisors with smartphones, pocket sized computers or tablets. Our specialists can recommend industrial strength mobile devices that are rugged and built to work in dirty environments and extreme temperatures. These devices support software that automatically captures the RFID or barcode data and stores it.

If you operate several construction sites at the same time, the information can all be integrated into one database. This makes it easy for you and your supervisors to move around and still use their mobile devices to input data and access real time info in order to:

  • Monitor ongoing operations

Make informed decisions such as moving equipment from one site to another, redeploying workers or ordering material. You can evaluate the efficiency of your workflow and adjust if necessary; e.g. to accommodate a late delivery.

  • Manage the inventory

Use your smartphone or mobile computer to search the database for the exact location of a certain piece of equipment or truckload of supplies and generate an order to move it elsewhere. You can decide on the reports you need in order to manage your equipment inventory; for example, the costs and utilization of equipment, including maintenance and lease agreements. Plan maintenance schedules to coincide with equipment downtime in project timeline. Track lifecycles and calculate depreciation.

  • Manage personnel

With RFID tags on their badges, you can monitor the location of your workers and match it to the equipment and supplies they are using. Such real time information allows you to manage employee performance either individually or as shift work team. An RFID tag on a visitor badge can send an alert to your mobile device if anyone strays beyond a designated area.

Tracking and managing inventory on a construction site is so simple with RFID technology on a mobile device. Our team will review your operations, discuss the pros and cons of various barcode and RFID mobile solutions and install and train on the products you choose.

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Featured Solution Components

  • redbeam check in check out software

    Check In Check Out Inventory Software

    Effectively track tools, equipment, file folders, product samples and rental items – any items that have revolving ownership or possession. Check In Check Out allows you to hold your staff accountable for missing or damaged inventory.

  • MC55

    Handheld Mobile Computers

    Enterprise mobile computers offer the very latest in architecture, from processors to power management for long battery life and memory required to support the most demanding applications. Motorola’s patented technology ensures accurate capture of even damaged or hard-to-read barcodes.

  • RFID Intermec devices

    RFID Technology

    There are three main components to RFID tracking solutions:

    • Printers which digitally encode accurate, complete data in the RFID tag; either desk top or handheld to be at point-of-application
    • RFID tags or labels that are available with many options such as Gen1 or Gen2, HF or UHF, depending on what you need for storage capacity, substances in environment, reading distance and volume to be processed at one time
    • Readers that can be fixed or handheld, depending on flexibility needed for volume, configuration or storage facility, density of data images and visibility in the field; some devices can also read barcode images
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