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Keep Operations Running With Effective Warehouse Management

At RMS Omega, we understand the importance of warehouse management as an integral part of the supply chain. The right combination of software, hardware, and support services will give you confidence that you are in control of your inventory from receiving to shipping. An effective Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) allows you to determine what information you want to capture from one end of the process to the other and how you use that data to manage the operation.

A large warehouse has many critical points where the process can slow down or even stop. There are even more opportunities for problems if you have a multi-site operation. An RMS Omega solution makes sure everything keeps moving.

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The Right Combination of Software, Hardware & Support Services

WMS Software

End-to-end visibility is critical for successful warehouse management in today’s supply chain. Our team can review your entire warehouse operation to make sure the right data is captured and reported every step of the way. They will then be able to recommend the best software package for your needs. Warehouse Management

Software features typically include:

  • Scan or generate barcode labels upon receiving a product
  • Validate incoming inventory with original purchase orders
  • Pallet ID, kitting and cubing
  • Sequenced putaway
  • Physical counts and cycle counts
  • Track movement of inventory within the warehouse, individual items, and pallets
  • Validate picking with original customer orders
  • Wave and zone picking
  • Staging
  • Cross-docking
  • Directed shipping
  • Validate shipping content and address with original customer order

In order to maximize your WMS solution, you also want to consider the benefits of the system’s capacity for:

  • Integration – WMS can be integrated into existing back-office functions such as ERP, accounting, sales, invoicing, and shipping
  • Scalability – plan now for the flexibility required for future expansion of product lines or warehouse sites

Whichever level of a WMS solution is best for your operations, you can have confidence in its effectiveness for increasing productivity and saving money for your warehousing environment.

ck65 warehouseRuggedized Hardware

The software you install will only be as effective as the hardware used by your employees on the floor. To round out an effective warehouse management solution you will need:

If you are labeling at receiving, you will appreciate the efficiency of a fast, rugged mobile printer which:

  • Reduces labeling time
  • Increases accuracy

You want to ensure accurate tracking of the product whether it is going into storage or being cross-docked for shipment elsewhere. A handheld scanner is the most efficient device for making sure there is accessible, real-time information on the location of a single item or a pallet. Any time the product is moved around the warehouse, the information is scanned and updated in the system. There is a wide range of reliable mobile scanners from handheld or hands-free to a scanner incorporated into a mobile computer. You can choose the scanning distance and light or sound alerts that work for your particular warehouse environment.

How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner for Industrial Applications

Mobile computers are the most efficient devices, often incorporating a scanner to use for tracking inventory. The computer also hosts the software that captures all the data and can produce customized reports to use for production control, allocating resources and performance management.


Most WMS solutions can be installed either on your own servers or as a web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Although there are definite advantages to SaaS, especially if you operate in more than one location and need information flow for workers in the field, a locally installed system running on an MS Windows platform is more than adequate for some businesses. We can work with you to determine which system is the ideal solution for your unique needs.

Benefits of an Improved Warehouse Management Solution

As a result of implementing the right hardware and WMS, you can make vast improvements over your inventory control:

  • Increased accuracy in inventory count
  • Increased productivity as employees can find items faster
  • Increased accuracy in picking and packing orders
  • Elimination of shipping errors
  • Reduced capital and operating costs

Our Account Specialists can also discuss with you the more strategic benefits of a WMS solution. For example, management will have accurate, real-time, integrated data to make decisions about:

  • Optimized storage configurations
  • More efficient allocation of resources
  • Budgets, both capital and operating
  • Performance management
  • Expansion plans

Our specialists can work with you to make sure the WMS reports are customized to retrieve whatever information you need to run your particular warehouse operation as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

RMS Is a Total Solution Provider for Better Warehouse Management

RMS Omega has extensive experience in helping businesses organize their warehouses. Our professionals can provide you with unbiased information about WMS software options for a complete technology solution. Support the software with top of the line hardware and you will have an excellent system that is efficient, cost-sensitive, and flexible. At RMS Omega is our goal to be a total solution provider that supplies its partners with industry-leading software, hardware, and support services that keep your warehouse running as efficiently as possible.

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Featured Solution Components

  • FOxfire warehouse inventory software

    Warehouse Management Software Systems

    WMS software solutions provide immediate, real-time information to floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management so they may efficiently operate their facility and meet delivery and production goals at lower costs.

    • Increase inventory accuracy up to 99%.
    • Significant reduction of fulfillment cost and charge-backs.
    • Near absolute accuracy.
    • Easy to learn and simple to use application for minimal training and installation times.
  • Vehicle mount Vx9 honeywell

    Vehicle Mount Computers

    Vehicle mount computers are an integral part of warehouse operations. If you have any equipment such as forklifts moving through the warehouse, docks or yard, you will want a mobile technology with the capacity to increase productivity and reduce errors throughout the operation. Product information is accurate, complete and accessible in real time from receiving to storing, moving around, cross docking and picking.

  • Rugged Handheld Scanners for warehousing

    Rugged Scanners

    Honeywell’s Granit Industrial Scanners offer increased motion tolerance and enhanced reading on poor quality and damaged barcodes.  The Granit 191Xi has an extended field of depth, which provides users with convenience.  The scanner has a bright laser and a louder beep that can be heard even in nosy environments so the user knows a barcode is successfully read.  The Granit is available in a corded version as well as a wireless version that can be connected to other devices via Bluetooth.

  • Datamax Industrial Warehouse Label printer: I-Class Label Printers

    Rugged Label Printers

    Industrial-grade printers provide rugged durability, consistently high print quality, faster print speeds, longer life, and highest reliability in demanding applications and harsh environments.

  • Datamax barcode labels and supplies

    Labels & Printing Supplies

    Using the right labels, tags and printing supplies is just the first step to reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing. Make sure your selecting the right supplies for your environment.