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Switching Keypads on Motorola’s MC9500-K Mobile Computer

IsMotorola’s MC9500-K the perfect mobile computer for you? The MC9500-K is a premium industrial-class rugged handheld computer. Not only is the MC9500-K rugged, but it’s sleek, light, and easy to grip – It’s also easy to use with one hand. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… you can swap out or change the device’s keypad based on how you plan to use it.

Use what works best for you – Motorola offers a portfolio of modular customer-swappable keypads for increased application flexibility.

Different mobile computers have different keypad options because they are capable of preforming different tasks. You no longer have to choose a mobile computer based on its keypad! Thanks to
MAX Keypads, the MC9500-Kis available with 4 different keypads. Below are the 4 keypad options available for this device, allowing the user to have complete flexibility.


These keypads can be switched in only a few minutes. Being able to switch the keypads provides the greatest efficiency because if one keypad gets damaged the mobile computer can still be utilized.

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