Add Additional Features to Your SmartPass Solution with RMS Omega’s EntryTracs Android Application

EntryTracs temperature screening label printer

EntryTracs is an Android application developed by RMS Omega for the purpose of monitoring and enhancing the SmartPass temperature screening and facial recognition kiosks. EntryTracs brings added functionality to the SmartPass Temperature Screening Solution with features like:

  • Automatic printing of daily compliance passes
  • Relay triggers and alarms
  • Customized audio prompts
  • Automated email & text message alerts
  • Pre-screening agreements & health questionnaires

Learn more about each of these features below.

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EntryTracs Label Printing For temperature screening visitor pass

Automatically Print a Daily Compliance Pass

With EntryTracs, organizations can automatically print a pass after a successful screening. Once an employee, student, patient, or visitor is verified, an adhesive label is printed to function as a temporary name tag. This adds a visual identifier to your temperature screening process that validates that the person was properly screened prior to entering your facility. With the SmartPass kiosk and Zebra’s ZD410 printer, your facility will be able to print, validate, and maintain compliance with ease.

Watch a short video demo:

EntryTracs Temporary Daily Pass

entrytracs name tag

The EntryTracs daily pass is more than just an average label. Since circumstances, including body temperature, are constantly changing, this name tag will change color and become void after about 12 hours, preventing re-use. In turn, your facility can be assured that it is following compliant practices and procedures when it comes to personal safety.

The daily pass will print only if the person is following your compliance standards. For example, if your business requires the use of masks, a name tag will not print for someone not wearing one.

Relay Triggers and Alarms

EntryTracs uses a relay to sound alarms or flashing lights in response to a temperature screening “event”. Depending on your requirements, these events can be anything from someone not wearing a mask to alerting personnel when someone tries to enter the facility who is currently restricted.

Audio Prompts for Clear Communication

EntryTracs also allows for the replacement of most of the audio prompts supplied with SmartPass. With these audio prompts, facilities can tailor and personalize prompts to create the most effective screening process possible. You have the flexibility of adding your own sound file in addition to adjusting the play volume. Some of the prompts include:

  • Entry/Admitted
  • High Temperature
  • Not Wearing Required Mask
  • Stranger, No Entry
  • Black List

Email & Text Via Email

The Android application can send both email and text alerts to a contact list set up by your facility admin. Notifications are sent when an event happens that matches the criteria found in your SmartPass settings. This can include sending email and/or text alert every time a user is admitted, when there’s a high temperature, if someone isn’t wearing a mask, or if a stranger tries to enter the facility. Notifications are sent to a contact list where you can also change the subject line, message, or choose to attach a photo with each of these alerts.

Pre-Screening Agreement & Health Questionnaire

The agreement/health questionnaire feature is used to record a participant’s acknowledgment before the screening process. Whatever criteria you want entrants to agree to is completely up to the facility. However, this feature is most commonly used to gather consent before a temperature is taken or have participants agree to a list of health and safety questions. Responses are collected through a motion sensor where users will select “I agree” or “I DO NOT agree”. This ensures the entire process remains contactless. Furthermore, responses from the questionnaire feature will show up in the back-end of the SmartPass management platform.

The True Value of EntryTracs

Combining EntryTracs with SmartPass temperature screening helps facilities promote safety and compliance during challenging times. RMS Omega is a total solution provider, which is why we have added helpful features to our temperature screening device that solve our customer’s needs. EntryTracs creates a more complete temperature screening process with features that you can tailor to your facility’s requirements. Both EntryTracs and SmartPass create a perfect solution for many industries and applications including:

  • Schools and universities
  • Warehouses and the supply chain
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Government buildings

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