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Use Field Service Mobile Computers to Increase Your Bottom Line

Smart managers realize that small improvements in employee routines can produce significant improvements to the bottom line. Real savings can be found in improving efficiency for even simple tasks which are performed many times during the day. Equipping your mobile workforce with field service mobile computers can save even a few minutes for each task which adds up to a useful block of time for other work. Multiply the saved minutes by the number of times that job is done every day and the number of employees to understand the time available to use for increasing profits.

Identify Areas for Improvement

A first step is to identify the repeated routine tasks in a worker’s daily schedule. For example, an employee in a parts distributor might work through the following steps many times a day:

  • Preparing work orders according to customer’s telephone or email orders
  • Locating parts in warehouse
  • Stocking the delivery vehicle
  • Completing the paperwork to give to the driver for confirmation of receipt

In this kind of situation, you realize quickly that it takes time to complete paperwork by hand, that the employee has to check various places to locate the necessary parts, and then he has even more paperwork for the driver in order to track delivery.

Any kind of work involving locating goods, tracking deliveries and drivers, and filling in forms for orders and invoices can be made more efficient with computer assistance. For example, track the warehouse inventory with bar codes to save three minutes in a routine a worker does 12 times a day. Install a GPS system to shave off four minutes in travel time to each of eight customers. This is over an hour saved, perhaps sufficient time to include another customer service appointment.

Also, the order and product information is more complete, accurate, and up to date, preventing incorrect orders and late deliveries. The employee knows exactly what he is looking for, where it should be, and has all the information for delivery. Perhaps it is time for you to find a business solution which not only saves time and money, but increases profit as well.

The Scanphone Solution

dolphin scanphoneThere are many useful devices such as bar code scanners, smartphones, VOIP, tablets, two way radios and GPS systems. However, the Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphone combines the functions of all these devices into a single, rugged, and cost efficient pocket-sized device. Check out its features:

  • Light and compact design allows comfortable single handed use for scanning bar code
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS cellular, Bluetooth and GPS technologies, and WiFi allow real time access to critical data wherever business is being conducted
  • Integrated GPS technology allows location-based services like navigation, mapping, geo tracking, geo aging, and route optimization
  • Automated processes replace manual work by using the scan engine, color camera and display screen
  • Enhanced voice technology eliminates the need to carry an extra phone device

Choosing the Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphone helps the smart manager decrease the time needed for routine tasks and provides more accurate, accessible information. Your mobile workforce will appreciate the user friendly functionality of the Scanphone. Your business will profit from its investment in best of breed field service mobile computers from Honeywell.