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Using a Tablet for Business: Introducing Motorola’s ET1 Rugged Tablet

Usually when you hear the term “tablet” you think of the iPad, Android tablet, or another brand of consumer media tablets. Although tablets are often used for a consumer’s personal use, they can be used in your business as well.

Lucky for you, Motorola recently came out with a new tablet called the ET1 Enterprise Tablet. Unlike the iPad or other consumer tablets, the ET1 has been built to handle everyday business use while supporting enterprise class features.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra-strong 7 in Gorilla® Glass touch screen
  • High-speed Cellular/Wi-Fi wireless connections
  • Options to easily add and build applications
  • Built for multiple users with feature-level control
  • Data is encrypted and secure whether on the devices internal drive or on removable media
  • Enhanced Android Operating System

ET1 Examination – Outside to Inside
ET1 Motorola rugged tablet
On the outside, the ET1 Motorola rugged tablet is extremely durable. It can withstand drops, spills and bumps. There is built in protection against cold temperatures in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer. The screen on the ET1 is made with Gorilla glass, making it virtually impossible to damage. So, even if you drop it, the screen will not shatter like a consumer grade media tablet. The iPad, for example, is notorious for having a cracked or shattered screen. While the screen is tough, it is still a touchscreen. In cold weather when the user may be wearing gloves, the touchscreen capability will still work.

et1 - motorola rugged tabletET1 Tablet BackstrapThere are several accessories that go along with the ET1.
For easy operation, the ET1 has an efficient and unique swivel hand strap allowing you to operate the tablet with only one hand. There are multi-slot charging cradles and battery chargers which are great for saving space and keeping your devices charged and ready. The ET1 also has user friendly replaceable and rechargeable batteries. ET1 Charger DC1000 4000C

ET1_Charger_DC1000_4000CWhen you have a large workforce or limited budget, sharing devices can often save your business money. The ET1 has a multi-user log in option, a useful feature when you have multiple workers with different job functions or shifts.

If multiple people are using the same tablet, you’d think there might be a memory problem? A tablet is such small a device, that having a lot of memory space seems close to impossible. However, the ET1 can support extremely graphic intensive applications. You can also have up to 32GB of memory using the micro SD card slot.

The ET1’s barcode scanner is able to capture information quickly and accurately. It takes less than one second to capture a barcode, which is faster than some barcode scanners themselves, let alone consumer tablets.

The ET1 also keeps your data secure. All information, whether on the devices internal drive or on removable media, is encrypted so it is safe and secure. With Bluetooth and wireless support, this tablet allows for easy communication with other people and devices.

The newest feature of the ET1 is its capability to connect to Wi-Fi and high speed cellular towers. It can connect to the high speed 4G network, and the 3G network. You can choose to use one or the other, or both! This feature does require a data plan, but it’s well worth it to have the high speed connection to enable maximum performance for your workforce.

So, where can I use this tablet?

This tablet can be used in a variety of work environments including retail, transportation and distribution, mobile workforce, and even healthcare.

If you would like more information about the ET1 Enterprise Tablet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.