Have the Right IT to Help You Grow

Today’s cannabis growers face a very unique set of demanding challenges: compliance, plant management, harvesting, and shipping—staying a step ahead is crucial. So as the industry grows and markets emerge, industry leaders must adapt to maintain their competitive edge.

RMS Omega’s solutions for the cannabis industry help scale logistics so you not only meet demand but exceed it. RMS Omega works with farms, greenhouses, and suppliers by strategically implementing the right technology to keep operations running smoothly.

High-Volume Printing

Whether you’re using desktop or mobile printers, you need the hardware and labels for large volumes of printing. From item-level tracking tags, shipping labels, and everything in between, RMS Omega has you covered. canabis solutions

Inventory & Asset Accountability

Making sure that your inventory and assets are accounted for is paramount. As a result, label readers, barcode/ID scanners, multi-function units, and even RFID readers for more comprehensive asset management are must-have IT assets.

Certified Supplies

Regardless of whether you use barcode or RFID labels, RMS Omega has you covered with durable, high-quality labels that allow you to stay on top of managing inventory. Furthermore, appropriate labeling and data collection help you maintain accountability and compliance.

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