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Device Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions empower companies to securely manage and monitor their mobile IT from a unified dashboard.

End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Management

RMS Omega offers Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions that empower companies to securely manage their mobile deployments for any device, any form factor, and any operating system. EMM software applications provide secure multi-vendor management and support throughout the entire device lifecycle, from deployment to retirement. This reduces operating costs by minimizing costly downtime and replacements. 

Manage Your Business-Critical Mobile IT

It’s critical to ensure your devices are performing optimally after making a large IT investment. As your mobile device presence grows, it becomes important to track the device’s location, condition, and usage to ensure they are running optimallyAn EMM solution can provide insight to ensure that your devices are functioning as intended. When they aren’t, EMMs have the ability to remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues. Deploying an EMM solution boosts the functionality of your mobile devices with:

  • Remote support: reduce costly downtime and keep your workers working with integrated remote tech support. Provide your IT department with the tools to remotely support all of your devices.
  • Managed Mobile Content: an EMM can help you manage the content and applications that are on your devices, ensuring that your workforce has all of the software and tools needed to do their job.  
  • Streamlined Deployment: setting up and deploying mobile devices has never been easier. With centralized mobile device management, you can set up all of your devices with essential software remotely.Technology deployment services

Building an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

With a device management solution, you can perform faster location, management, and issue resolution for your mobile IT. This provides quicker tech support, reduces costly downtime, and ensures that your devices and software are always up to date. Otherwise, IT teams would be in the dark about device performance, leading to mounting costs and potential delays in business.

RMS Omega is a total solutions provider for barcode, RFID, wireless, and mobile technologies. Our premier-level industry partnerships allow us to support device management systems with the right hardware, software, supplies, and services. Furthermore, we can help guide you in the selection of the right technology, level of automation, and scope of your system so you receive the best results.

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Mobile Handhelds

    Enterprise mobile handhelds provide added computing functionality and the ability for your workforce to input data and access enterprise applications. Using the latest Android Enterprise devices will allow you to run all the applications you need for fast and efficient operations. 

  • Enterprise Mobility Management Software

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software enables IT teams to execute remote troubleshooting, monitoring, updates, and deployments for mobile device fleets. Manage your entire mobile enterprise from a secure, unified dashboard.

  • Technology deployment services
    Managed IT Services

    Our device management services are a centralized and efficient way of managing your enterprise IT – saving you time, money, and IT bandwidth. Leverage our team’s personnel and expertise for remote centralized IT administration for mobile computers, printers, and more.

The State of Enterprise Device Management

The average support ticket resolution time is 3 days, 10 hours.

85% of workers never report device issues to IT.

Poor connectivity costs 71 hours of productivity per employee per year.

Business TCO for BYOD is $4,000 per year.

IT operations are complicated with millions of connected mobile and IoT devices to manage. With concerns like downtime, compliance, and security at the forefront, mobility management is a top priority. An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution takes mobility to endless possibilities and frees your workforce to transform your business operations.

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