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Device Modernization

Device modernization transforms your existing telnet apps and legacy handhelds into a modern intuitive Android interface in four easy steps.

Move Mobile Devices to Android in 4 Easy Steps 

With RMS Omega’s device modernization solutions, you can bring your existing telnet apps to Android starting in their existing “green screen” form. Many facilities still use TE or telnet to exchange data from their mobile devices to their back-end systems. However, this long-standing, antiquated interface does present some challenges.

  • A difficult-to-read green screen.
  • No modern touchsreen interface.
  • Non-intuituve user interface.
  • Long ramp-up time and frustration for younger workers.

Fortunately, terminal emulation modernization can be done in four easy steps – providing your workforce with a modern Android platform that supports your fast-paced business environment.

1. Migrate

Skip retraining workers on a new operating system when you can:

  • Migrate existing telnet apps from a legacy operating system.
  • Easily implement existing and well-known software.
  • Maintain compliance with current industry standards.

2. Optimize

With the latest Andriod operating systems, you can optimize workflows and work at higher speeds by:

  • Eliminating redundant tasks.
  • Automating processes.
  • Creating custom and contextualized menus specific to the task at hand.
  • Decrease onboarding time.

3. Modernize

Transform existing apps with a more user-friendly look and feel which can:

  • Expedite task and training speeds.
  • Highlight critical on-screen data.
  • Minimize errors with visual cues.

4. Speech

Integrate voice automation with your Android devices to increase productivity by:

  • Freeing up the hands of your workforce.
  • Enabling voice-assisted order picking and task completion.
  • Simplify communication between your workforce.

Benefits that come with Android Device Modernization

Android is a complete platform that will fundamentally change your business. Adapting your workforce quickly and easily is key to a successful deployment of new user technology.  With the 4-step approach, your workers have time to adjust to new hardware, then gain a fully modernized user experience and workflows optimized to streamline their tasks. Improve workflows and information security with the latest technology — all while minimizing the risk of operational disruptions to your business. enterprise mobile computing product portfolio

Rapid Deployment Means a Quick Return on Investment 

RMS Omega Professional Services provides our customers with rapid configuration terminal emulation (TE) based device modernization solutions. Focusing on the specific requirements of each customer to provide a foundational mobility enterprise application system that follows industry standards and best practices.  Custom solutions mean that there is little lag time before the effectiveness of your new devices is realized. This setup can be applied to other supported enterprise mobility devices in the environment to further enhance your return on investment. To achieve even greater productivity in your Android deployment, RMS also provides voice-enabling for your TE application. 

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Key Solution Components

RMS Omega is a complete solution provider – offering everything you need for accurate, efficient, and cost-effective data capture.

  • Touchscreen Mobile Computers

    Enterprise touchscreen mobile computers provide added functionality and the ability for your workforce to input data and access enterprise applications. Using the latest Android Enterprise devices will allow you to run all the applications you need for fast and efficient operations. 


  • Keypad Mobile Computers

    Ideal for environmentally challenging manufacturing and warehouse environments, keypad scan guns often boast a rugged design and superior performance. These devices withstand cold temperatures, dust, drops, and more while supporting keypad data entry.

  • Telnet Migration Software

    With Telnet migration software, you can bring your existing telnet apps to Android—starting in their existing “green screen” form—and then optimize, modernize, and voice-enable these apps in four easy steps.

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As legacy mobile operating systems reach end-of-support, Android emerges as the operating system of choice for next-generation mobile computers. However, Android is a complete platform change for your business, so speed-to-user-acceptance is key.

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See how RMS Omega can bring your existing “green screen” telnet apps to Android in four easy steps. Migrate, optimize, modernize, and voice-enable your enterprise apps for a more intuitive and easy-to-use experience for mobile workers.

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Get a virtual demo and walkthrough of the migration process from one of our Systems Engineers. In this brief demo, you will see how easily you can achieve a fully modernized user experience that optimizes existing workflows and streamlines tasks.

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