Barcode, RFID Tracking & Data Collection Solutions

RMS Omega Technologies takes your business challenges seriously. We gather the necessary industry research to provide unbiased manufacturer recommendations in the most cost-effective manner. Whether your goal is to improve patient safety, your supply chain or mobile workforce efficiencies, RMS Omega can assist you.

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  • Application Development

    Develop applications and forms that will meet your mobile data collection needs. Learn more about software applications for program development and communication with batch and real time portable data collection devices.

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  • Field Mobility Applications

    Always being connected is the new standard for the mobile workforce. They need to have continuous access to information, while supervisors and scheduling personnel can manage tasks and monitor location and productivity.

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  • Healthcare Applications

    RMS Omega has an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare technology staff that can consult with healthcare providers to recommend appropriate solutions. Visit our healthcare website to learn more.

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  • Industrial Applications

    Barcode Tracking and Data Collection Solutions for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, facilities maintenance, transportation and more.

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  • Industries

    Select your industry and learn more about barcode and data collection solutions designed for your work environment. Or, contact us for more information on solutions for your specific industry.

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